Monday: Weigh Down, my toe and gluten diary, day one

OK. Not exactly the same kind of GABA. Copyright Magic Store Productions

Weigh Down
I have rededicated to low carb this week with simpler eating. The result? I’m down three more pounds, for a total of 8 pounds since the first of the year! Not bad for so little effort. Just enjoy high fat foods when hungry and drop weight like it’s hot? Sure. You bet!

You can keep track of how I’m doing by following my menu and scale successes along the right side of the page or in the tabs above. By the way, I weigh on Mondays to keep me honest on weekends. Am I a self tormentor? Absolutely. Weekends are extremely easy to destroy with a few bad choices, so I’m always mindful of that scale come Monday.

Now the question is, how are you doing this year?
My Toe
So I’ve had some terrific luck with taking 5-HTP, an amino acid that helps with mood (thank you Dr. Ross). Another supplement recommended for anxiety happens to be an amino acid called GABA. Taken at bedtime, it is said to help people sleep at night and feel generally better.

In fact, I took a GABA before bed last night.

And then the following happened.

Ten minutes later I was yelling, “Whoopieeeeeeeeeee!!!” and cleaning my room.
Two minutes after that I started yelling show tunes and dancing.
A minute after that I yelled, “LOOK! A SOCK!
Three seconds later I yelled, “SOCKS ARE AWESOME!!!”
A minute after that I started jumping up and down on the bed.

My husband, who was trying to read in said bed, bounced up in the air every time I landed. He said, upon landing with every bounce, “Don’t…. you…. think… you… could… hurt… your… self?”

And 30 seconds later, after I was done bouncing up and down on the bed, I booped him on the nose like this. BOOP.

Needless to say, I was extremely animated. EXTREMELY animated. My indoor voice turned into my party voice and I yelled almost everything I said for the next 30 minutes. And I was really animated. Did I mention animated? I would sit in bed and then I would jump out of bed to run a few laps around the upstairs. Just because I could.

I opened the back door and stuck my head outside and I yelled, “I LOVE OUTSIDE!”

I bounced, booped, bounced some more, yelled, “WOW! This stuff is awesome!” My husband just folded his hands and looked at me. I had amazing focus, as well. When I wasn’t bouncing, cleaning and yelling, I was reading and watching TV with incredible focus. I felt GREAT! I was invincible!

Eventually, thankfully, through the thoes of extreme spazziness, I was able to finally calm myself enough to sleep…

…eight hours later.

I was able to drift into slumber at 4:30 am. My right toe throbbed for no particular reason, my lips tingled and my heart was palpitating in my chest yelling BOOP! BOOP! HowyoulikemenowribsBOOP! 

I performed a web search once I came to again later after sending the kids off to school and collapsing in bed until after noon. The side effects of GAB included tingling, a racing heart, and a few other bizarre side effects. Needless to say, it made my toe hurt and I doubt I’ll ever take it again, but man, is my room clean.

Gluten Free Monday, Day One

I ended up staying up way too late last night hitting a deadline and dealing with GABA-induced restlessness (keep reading for more about that), so when I had to crawl out of bed after only one hour of sleep I was pretty groggy to say the least.

Still, I committed to being up to help the kids pack lunches and enjoy healthy breakfasts, and so I babbled incoherently as I scrambled eggs and tried to sell people on tuna fish with nut crackers for lunch.

Here are the meals. Note: Kids packed their own lunches, so I asked what they took. We give the face palm but it’s obvious we’re going to be doing some fine tuning. Recipes will be linked.

Breakfast for the low carbers:
Dad: Eats no breakfast
Mom: Bacon and Carbmaster yogurt (they ate all my eggs)
Boy#1: Eggs and bacon

Breakfast for the high carbers:
Girl #1: Carbmaster yogurt and Crispix
Girl #2: Crispix and milk
Boy #2: Eggs, bacon, granny smith apple and a Carbmaster Yogurt

Lunch for the low carbers:
Dad and Mom: Pot roast with butter and low carb barbecue sauce
Boy #1: Eats no lunch

Lunch for high carbers:
Girl #1: 2 rice cakes with peanut butter, Nut Thins, Ghirardelli chocolate
Girl #2: Crispix, gluten free cookie, carrots and a Ghirardelli chocolate
Boy #2 shares lunch with sister and mooches part of hers

Dinner for the high carbers:
Chipotle burrito bowls with rice

Dinner for the low carbers:
Chipotle burrito bowls with cauli rice 

Dessert for a very special Birthday Hubby:  Gluten free Betty Crocker cake with frosting. And no. It’s not low carb…


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  1. What ever it is you got, I want some of it!

  2. Nancy Ellyn says

    Oh man, Jamie! GABA makes me tingle, too, and act manic. It's crazy! Now, my daughter takes it, and she just mellows out. I think my daughter is reacting normally. Me? Not so much….. I love you, girl!!!!

  3. Wow! GABA knocks me out. In about 30 minutes my lids get heavy like I'm in a trance and then I'm gone. I can't take it if I have to be up in the morning because it's hard for me to get up. I only take it on weekends.

    At least you have a go to supplement for energy now! ha!

  4. Lol great post. I like you GABA story. Also, I thought it was interesting to see what your family is eating for each meal while gluten free. I hope you keep us updated!

  5. That GABA reaction is interesting! It knocks me out if I take high enough doses. At 750 mg. during the day, my eyes are heavy but 500 sublingual during high stress? PERFECT!

    A true testament to biochemical individuality!

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