The stink eye, the plague, bacon, and my plan

Happy 2011! Work it! Oh yeah.

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Does the unabomber make cauliflower pizza? I don’t think so.

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Vitamin C and zinc
So, like the big baby I am when I get sick, I usually down my sorrows in the 10% alcohol that is Nyquil nighttime cold medicine. The last time I caught the Peruvian Plague (an unfortunate virus from the oldest upon returning home from South America) I was sick for six weeks. SIX WEEKS! And we’re not talking like, “a–cheieuu” tiny French sneezes with my pink upraised. We’re talking full on snot bursting everywhere. I was so congested I was dropping nasal spray like a raver drops acid. It was a bad scene.

This time around, I decided to go forth and take some C and zinc (both in the usual supplement form) at the onset of the latest crud that was loaned to me from my sweet baboo. Granted, he has had the cold now for three weeks, and it laid him out flat for one. From the day I caught this until today, it has only been a little over a week, and I’m coming out of it. I’ve been taking the vitamins every day (you can’t be a slouch about this stuff).

So while the severity of the cold has still been a tepid slap of fish to the forehead, it’s lasted much less time than what my husband’s been experiencing. Color me a believer in the powah of even the most seemingly mundane of supplements.

If you’re asking why I didn’t take D… D and Flonase don’t play well together, since corticosteroids and D are both anti-inflammatory. I’d rather be able to breathe for a week than fight cancer. I can’t handle a stuffy nose more than about anything else in the world, believe me. I’m only a mouth breather when I make crank calls.

So anecdotal, unscientific results:
My cold with C and zinc: one week
Hubby cold without C and zinc: 3 weeks

Another thing that worked (Darnit Jim, I’m not a doctor, so talk to one if you decide to follow my lead with the over the counter meds): Mucinex + a hot water bottle on my chest to loosen congestion and heat up the air coming out of my nose, which may have also helped shrink swollen nasal passages. And it made my nose air as warm as a summer breeze. Hello summer breeze.

The Bacon Experiment to rock da woild!

In a controlled scientific experiment, I had considered performing a 30 day bacon diet this month (complete with medical tests) to show the pricelessness of pork. Think about it: a pound of that sweet meat per day, showing that, medically speaking, not only can the average person lose weight on 2400+ calories per day, but thrive on high fat and very few carbs. I planned to slide into the end zone with improved blood test and cholesterol readings, blood pressure and weight loss and say, OH YEAH! That potato diet guy is goin’ DOWN!

Thankfully, my friends Pete and Sandy slapped me upside my head with a pound of bacon. This kind of stunt is better left to the kind of people who grab life by its cajongas, they said… and then who eat them wrapped in bacon.**

My healthy lifestyle for 2011

But as for me, I’m opting for the more pragmatic route instead for 2001 (they also told me I need to behave myself since I am supposed to be a role model… and furthermore they might kick me, and I am a delicate flower):

Julia Ross The Diet Cure + Low Glycemic Load + Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution

While it appears ridiculous to consider that three entirely different books can all lend something useful to one lifestyle, they do. Below I’m outlining what my knowledge of each has brought to the table.

Can one plan help everyone? Obviously, the answer is no, since some gain on low carb and lose on high carb/low fat  and vice versa. While I have been successful in the past with ’72 Atkins and 2002 Atkins, I have also been successful with low glycemic load and Ross’ low inflammatory plan and suggested supplements. The problem with Atkins is keeping it off long term, since the plan is stringent. The problem with low glycemic load is taking it off at a steady pace since one can eat up to five slices of bread per day. The problem with Diet Cure could be taking it off at all, since it would be easy to overeat the things one can enjoy healthfully.

I will be rocking the following:

Dr. Julia Ross: Her mood and diet cure. Helping addicts break the cycle with great success for over two decades, her solution is through employing simple amino acids and supplements available at every grocer and pharmacy and big box store. Her books outline what I need and why (based on questionnaires), how to test for need, and her allergy/intolerance testing for foods which cause not only inflammation but also rules out things for which Atkins only ever scraped the surface. Wheat also hurts the blood/brain barrier which causes amino acid depletion, depression and other issues which were once thought merely psychological.*

Applies to me: Because of Ross I now know that wheat is a grass, and because when I mow the lawn, I sneeze and I eat wheat I sneeze, the allergy goes hand in hand. I have personally seen 5-HTP change the life of both myself and my bummed out teenage son…within 15 minutes.*

Dr. Thompson’s Low Glycemic Load Plan: Nothing is off limits at any meal at any time. Simply follow a few simple rules and celebrate a life without phases.

Applies to me: It removes my sense of ‘all or nothing’ that has kept me yoyoing for years. a life without phases is perfection and means never having to fall off of any wagons or jump onto any wagons. Because I can have it, I usually don’t want it, so the reverse psychology works wonders for me.

Dr. Atkins: I am a believer in net carb sensibility (for fiber, erythritol and xylitol) and general carb restriction. Dr. Atkins is my hero. If I had to pick a non-Dad Dad, he’d be it.

Applies to me: Unlike Low Glycemic, which allows up to 500 units per day, I am a believer in still counting net carbs and will be limiting mine to nothing greater than 30 for most occasions. I want to lose weight, and Atkins knows that happens through high fat, low carb living, but I just can’t deal with the stringency. As well, I never pinpointed my nightshades aversion on this plan, nor my issues with carrots and broccoli, all of which I was able to nail down thanks to Dr. Julia Ross.

So, long story short, you can
see how several ideas, placed together, can make for a successful hybrid plan. You can see how some forms of  diet may be too stringent and others too open to interpretation.

I’ll keep you in the loop regarding how I’m doing on an inflammatory free, low carb, high fat (>30 net carb) diet filled with supplements, aminos. I’ll share what happens when I leave entire food groups behind, how I’m doing and hope I’ll be able to help you along your journey, regardless the plan.

Because of struggles I’ve faced along the way, I have a long way to go to get to goal for the final time, but I’m thankful for the failures. Failures teach as much as the successes–but only if we learn from them and take a positive step to employ that new knowledge.

* amino acids are not for everyone. Some medications plus aminos will cause harm. Some medical conditions combined with amino acids will cause harm. Make sure to speak to your doctor before ever including an amino acid regimen into your plan.

** If someone out there decides you must perform the bacon experiment against better judgment, let me know; make sure to work with a doctor and have verifiable stats, tests and blood work, both before and after. Don’t blame me if you get sick. I’m only the mastermind with great hair. I’m not a medical professional.

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  1. MargieAnne says

    Hi Jaimie.

    I wonder if you've looked at/studied the Lean For Life program that Lindora Clinics advocate. To me it seems far better balnced than any other low carb program. If I kept to it I would have been at goal long ago and there is no excuse because the program is comparatively simple both in the weight loss and maintenance periods.

    I have a work-book called Lean For Life by Gloria Stamper Graff and it's well used. I tend to just go along on my own but remembering the principles. Maybe it's time to follow the book again for a 6 week re-education period.

    Anyway I just thought as I read your Blog and saw how you are incorporating the best of 3 that this would interest you.


  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Hey, Margie! I so appreciate your feedback and your suggestion. I do know about Lean for Life, but I just can't follow a low fat diet.

    My body was made for healthy saturated fats. Going love fat with low carb makes me dizzy to the point of almost blacking out.

    Atkins is a well rounded diet if you can make it through all of the rungs without going nuts, and Dr. Thompson's plan is wonderful were it lower carb. For me, reigning in the carbs will allow me all of the fat and flavor with the restrictive carb numbers for successful weight loss. I'm pretty excited about it!

    Most new plans are just old plans repackaged and combined; this is my combination: High fat, no phases and carb limited with supplements and food allergy elimination.

    I think it is so wonderful that you've found what works for you, and I hope you'll keep me posted on your progress!

  3. Hey Jamie –

    I followed this guy's blog for awhile last year when he planned to go for a month of eating nothing but bacon. Here's the link –

  4. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Hey there! Yeah, we found his experiment, but nothing about it was medically controlled.

    Why no blood tests before and after to prove the efficacy of bacon? I mean, if you want to make a point, show that you lost weight, improved your blood pressure and cholesterol. He just ate bacon.

  5. Hey Jamie.. its awlass from LCF..
    I think the amino acid supplements are really worth it. My dr tried me on it a while ago and the L Glutamine REALLY helped with cravings! Like if I even looked at food when I wasnt hungry, I felt sick.. Despite how well it worked, I just couldnt keep it up.. I HATE TAKING PILLS!! How sad is this: If I could take the amino acids by a daily injection, Id totally jump on that in a heartbeat, but pills: forget about it..

    I wish you the best this year!

    stop by my page & leave a few comments!

  6. Hi Jamie!

    I hadn't heard of Julia Ross before, but those look like great books, so I'm checking them out. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been thinking more about allergies (and do I have any??) recently, and this might be a good tool. heh. tool.

    It's a new year and I'm taking another run at low-carbing. Which means oopsie rolls and general "Induction Friendly" recipe hunting. I'm having a wonderful time in your recipe section.

    Happy New Year,


  7. Heather/Audie says

    I love your blog and you make me laugh!

    I totally agree with you on saturated fats. The Weston A. Price Foundation is a great resource.

    Thanks for all the recipes to make life yummier!!

  8. Hey Jaimie. Are you ready for another learning adventure? One that suggests that the snot coming outchore nose is from your body detoxing and not caught from someone else?

    It's crazy but it makes sense to me!

    Having learned that I have candida, I am following the Healing Naturally pgm from Bee Wilder (above).

    As we learn that we don't NEED grains to be healthy, she shows us what else it means to be healthy and what our bodies go thru in order to help us become the healthiest we can be.

    Have fun!


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