Thursday bento, windbreakers, and gluten free diary, day 11


Low carb bento

This is a super fun way to pack your lunches or practice portion control when you’re in need of some nourishment while you’re on the go. Like a go-goer in your van-go. The lunch above is obviously cheese and veggie based more than meat, but this was a quick, grab and go kind of a deal, where small cookie cutters made with the snazzy meat shapes. Nori makes the little faces on the food and sticks with a wee bit of moisture (don’t lick your finger and stick the nori to your food unless you’re the sole recipient or someone at work keeps stealing your food). The cauliflower slaw is especially delicious and easy to make. I just threw some cauliflower, carrot and celery into my Ninja and voila! Fancy snazz. It has the texture of couscous, so it’s definitely a fun side with a different texture. You can use the little dip containers to add some low carb dressing to toss with your veggies to make them even zippier!

Don’t have any bento boxes? Don’t weep in your onigiri. Just score some small, cheap containers from the store and make with the fun times.

Silencing the wind

My nine year old told her teacher a week ago that she is eating a gluten free diet.
Her teacher, showing the polite interest teachers share, said, “That is very cool.”
My daughter announced, “Yes it is. It makes me fart less!”

Gluten free menu for Tuesday
Here are the meals for Thursday. You’ll note lunches and breakfasts don’t change much. The kids are creatures of habit. We’re hanging in there. The kids are becoming increasingly disgruntled minus McDonalds and have been begging me to buy them cheeseburgers, promising they’ll toss the buns away. I’m considering this option, but we’ll see. I don’t think they really miss McDonalds as much as they think they have no options without bread. It’s not worth fighting a war over, so we’ll see what happens! I’m still giving them fun, healthy, gluen free (non low carb depending on the meal) options.

My oldest son has told me he’s lost about 10 pounds since last Monday. His pants are looser. I’m not surprised; wheat and gluten can cause inflammation and gut problems. He also told me he’s less hungry, and that makes sense, too. He could pack down six pieces of toast and a big bowl of cereal in a sitting. Now he eats 3-4 eggs and some bacon.

Breakfast for the low carbers:
Dad: Skipped
Mom: Bacon and dunkin’ egg
Boy#1: Cheese on his way out the door

Breakfast for the high carbers:
Girl #1: Crispix and milk
Girl #2: Carbmaster yogurt
Boy #2: Crispix and granny smith apple

Lunch for the low carbers:
Dad and Mom: Eggs and bacon
Boy #1: Eggs and bacon

Lunch for high carbers:
Girl #1: 2 rice cakes with peanut butter, Nut Thins, Ghirardelli chocolate
Girl #2: rice cake with peanut butter, gluten free cookie, carrots
Boy #2 still shares lunch with sister and mooches part of hers

Dinner for the high carbers:
Country style ribs with potatoes and mushrooms

Dinner for the low carbers:
Country style ribs with mushrooms, riced cauliflower

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  1. Has it really been 11 days?

  2. Still waiting to see the results for Jan. seventeenth……any more weight loss or did it balance out for the week?

  3. What is the bacon (obvious) w/Dunkin' egg?

  4. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Anne– Time flies when no one is farting.

    Brenda– I haven't lost this week, but I haven't been low carbing either this week as much as I should have been. *slaps my own hand*

    Chyara–Dunkin' eggs is what I call sunny side up. My Dad always called them that, so I went into cruise control on that one because I wasn't even thinking. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. You are seriously making me want to get my own bento box. I'm this close…

  6. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    They are totally cute, but you could buy a Glad type of container and it works well, too! Bento can become an addiction. :^o

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