Tuesday: I’m a breast girl, addicted to Intervention and gluten free diary, day two

Dinner last night: Enchiladas

Thighs or Breasts?
I recently found out that Chipotle uses chicken thighs in their chicken dishes. Up until now, I had been using chicken breasts out of habit. they’re just easy to cook and repurpose. Last night I took thighs, cooked to 140 degrees, cubed the meat and then tossed it into a pan with taco seasoning to finish. About 30 minutes later, I had spiced chicken thigh.

Only I didn’t really like it– and that surprised me. One might think with my predisposition to higher fat food items, I would enjoy the decadence of the meat, but then it hit me–I don’t like dark meat. It was tender and it was juicy, but it was almost too greasy. I hate to say it, but while I was glad to try the thighs, I think I need to stick to the breasts.

I disguised vegetables cleverly in the dish (so cleverly, my son grabbed a whopping spoonful of cauliflower rice thinking it was regular rice). I made sure we had plenty of fresh, shredded lettuce on hand, too.

I should add that apparently Chipotle (the restaurant) uses chipotle peppers in their dishes. I just thought they were like Outback. I mean, it’s not like you eat “out back”.

Lack of Sleep = A&E Marathon
I am wiped. For some reason, I did not get to bed last night again until 4 am. (No, I didn’t take GABA again). I am taking a stand and saying that I probably need more than an hour of sleep per night.

On the upside, I’ve been able to watch Intervention on netflix instant downloads. The show is fascinating to me.

Watching how much these people suffer through addiction is absolutely sobering. Seeing the support and the love of their families and friends who step up and say they refuse to watch their loved ones die is inspiring. I think my eyes leak at least once an episode.

I was watching Paranormal State, but the show skeeved me out so much that I slept with my light on. The other night when I ran to the kitchen, I saw eyes glowing at me from the backyard. I figured out later that it was the LED lights for my sweet baboo’s grill. I still think I shrieked. A little. I’m no good with scary stuff.

But put me with the huffers, heroine addicts and alcoholics and I feel right at home. And I can definitely relate to the food addicts. My husband asked me why I am so drawn to the show, but I think we’ve all known addicts, have been addicts, or could be heading down that road. It really makes you realize that anyone can hit rock bottom under the right circumstances.

Gluten free menu for Tuesday
Here are the meals for Tuesday. You’ll note lunches and breakfasts don’t change much. The kids are creatures of habit.

Breakfast for the low carbers:
Dad: Eats no breakfast
Mom: Bacon and Carbmaster yogurt (they ate all my eggs)
Boy#1: Eggs and bacon

Breakfast for the high carbers:
Girl #1: Carbmaster yogurt and Crispix
Girl #2: Crispix and milk
Boy #2: Eggs, bacon, granny smith apple and a Carbmaster Yogurt

Lunch for the low carbers:
Dad and Mom: Chipotle burrito bowl leftovers from dinner
Boy #1: Leftover eggs and bacon

Lunch for high carbers:
Girl #1: 2 rice cakes with peanut butter, Nut Thins, Ghirardelli chocolate
Girl #2: rice cake with peanut butter, gluten free cookie, carrots

Boy #2 still shares lunch with sister and mooches part of hers

Dinner for the high carbers:
Chicken breasts rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper, and green beans

Dinner for the low carbers:
Rolled Parmesan encrusted, stuffed chicken breasts and green beans

Son called and confessed with some embarrassment that he accidentally ate a cupcake and the wrapper was in midair to the trash when it hit him. He’d consumed some flour. I am pretty proud of his honesty (and the fact that although cute girls insisted he have another, he politely declined).

This goes to show that mistakes happen. I asked him how he felt afterwards and he said, “You know. Now that you mention it, I’m not feeling well.” Even those small booboos can net amazing lessons.

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  1. Brandi {1 of 2} says

    I LOVE Intervention! I like to dvr ones that I haven't seen and make my own marathon. =)
    Yay for child honesty! Gotta love that.

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