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Week three. How'm I doing?

First an apology. My computer is on its last legs. When I bought my handy dandy laptop four years ago, it was a floor model. Despite all of the travel and the constant use, it has been a good companion. At this point, however, I am dealing with much … [Read more...]

Six Cheese Chicken Casserole

Hello, fellow chicken cheesy delicious tasters! I've been asked for this recipe below by the wholly awesome Dr. Westman, along with friends awhile back. Why the wait? I wanted to, as per usual, perfect it before sharing. I get seriously creepy … [Read more...]

Oops! Dolly Madison cleanup in aisle seven!

Molly Angel, move over. The b#tch has arrived, and she wants a doughnut.I went to the store the other day and bought my kids a box of those leftover bakery donuts for $2. That's a great price. I figured it'd be a great treat. For them.So, even after … [Read more...]

Two week Induction over. The results…

One of the many things I enjoyed this first two weeks: Chipotle-type burrito bowl Yes, I'm excited.Today marks the end of my first two weeks on induction, and of course I've been retaining water. Thanks, ankles. Stupid cows. That's not much fun, but … [Read more...]

Induction Day 13 and I have so much energy I'm on manual control

I am Bacon Girllllll! Whoosh whoosh!  I have been getting so much done over the last few days thanks to the power of bacon.My office has been a disaster, so I pulled out what was two brimming boxes of product manuals and I organized them in … [Read more...]

Day 12 of induction. Smooth sailing. Mostly

Now this is a salad. Well, I'm almost to my two weeks of induction and I'm pretty thrilled. I have more energy than I have in ages, I jumped on the treadmill last night and performed better than I had in ages (I started with a few minutes on an … [Read more...]

Low carb success story of splendulescence: Meet Anne

Anne took care of business like she does her lucky patients!Anne is a dear friend of mine and the brilliant blogger behind CarbTripper, a fun double dose of healthy living and some amazing imagery Anne shoots with her camera.Anne says:I first started … [Read more...]

My Funny Valentine. Staying the course in the face of candy hearts

I love you little pizza made of win Valentine's Day has long been the day of snacking, noshing, more snacking and handfuls of chewy pink, white and red food, followed by guilt. It's like a barbecue at my Jewish Dad's house when the steak … [Read more...]

Induction Day Eight and the first weigh in

She dipped her cheesecakes in what? First, Thank You everyone for the amazing Birthday well wishes yesterday! As I said, I stuck to plan and did really well. I didn't even overeat the legal stuff. I laughed pretty hard when this conversation took … [Read more...]

Induction day seven, and I'm in Heaven

Bacon cupcakes: Last year's Birthday fare Whee! I am now on Day Seven of Induction! And I am seriously excited because I can have a Birthday dessert today that is induction friendly! I made them and they're in the fridge now. I am going to share … [Read more...]

I has a virus. Day sicks of induction

Look at me, all well-read. I know. No Atkins love at all. The hits keep on coming. No wonder I'm not hungry. I'm sick. I'm loving this delicious, intestinal irony.Everything that can possibly go wrong this first week of induction has, in fact, been … [Read more...]

Important first week lessons. Day Five of Induction.

Team Bacon! Progress report: Day five of Atkins induction I went from a raving potato chip hugging maniac on day two to being absolutely not at all hungry on day five. Hello, diet. Ficklemuch?Ever have those days when nothing sounds at all good? … [Read more...]

I am a carbohydrate addict in recovery. Day three of induction

Intervention, A&E The first three days of induction are killing me.Yeah, I know I'll be over this soon, but if you think about it, how many times have you failed these first three days?How many thousands of Atkineers have you known who have … [Read more...]

Green Pizza

Delicious toppings include green olives, artichoke hearts and pesto. … [Read more...]

Spinach Crust Pizza

It's so easy being green. In an effort to use up some of the fresh spinach in the fridge, I decided to make a salad pizza crust. They're even lower in carbs and acceptable in induction than some of the higher carb veggies. This pizza is not as … [Read more...]