Day 12 of induction. Smooth sailing. Mostly

Now this is a salad.

Well, I’m almost to my two weeks of induction and I’m pretty thrilled. I have more energy than I have in ages, I jumped on the treadmill last night and performed better than I had in ages (I started with a few minutes on an incline and will build from there), and my hunger is totally under control.

Things are low carb peachytastic in peach dressing.

I can tell I’m retaining some water due to the cheese and sodium, so I’m definitely laying off for the next two days for my Thursday weigh in. The scale’s been fluctuating all over the place. I’m not worried because it’s not fat–it’s water.

My plan for Tuesday and for Wednesday is to focus on fat and protein (65% fat and 30% protein) with some slight amount of veg (’72 induction levels) to keep things mellow until Thursday. And little salt!

Re: The image, I am not a huge salad fan, but I love adding all sorts of things to one to make it crunchier and fattier. Pepperoni is another great add. Try it!

It’s a great day on low carb! I hope things are going well for you, too. I have some deadlines to hit this week, so I’ll be back this Thursday for weigh in, minimally.

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  1. I'm on day 8 of induction and it is going really well, too! Well, except for the two bits of dessert I had last night with a cocktail (it was Valentine's Day!), which totally made me, um, uncomfortable in the GI area. We'll leave it at that. But I guess that is just proof that Atkins makes me feel better! Hooray, low-carb!

  2. My Metamorphosis~ says

    You are really doing this up right girl!

    I wish I didn't love salad.. well I guess not really but I can sure eat LOTS of it. My fav. meal is a HUGE salad with home made chipotle dressing (right now)…
    I love antipasti salad and Greek salad with anchovy.

    Lovin' your posts lately!

  3. There must be something in the air because I'm loving my low carb lifestyle right now! I never did an "induction" – I low carb due to being diabetic II. And it works! My sugar is under control.

    Congrats on feeling so good!!

  4. I started when you started –
    I'm really not a copy cat – I was gonna do it anyways
    And after a week or so, I want to do it again!
    A monster has been created – or awakened here!
    And I thank you for it!

  5. I love the idea of making the Chipotle bowl at home! Thank you… 🙂

    I am really bummed. I started Induction about a week before you. I only lost 5 pounds. Then, I messed up for one meal on Valentine's Day. Now I've gained the 5 back. I just am not getting anywhere.

    This is like my fourth time to 'do Induction' over the last few years. I mostly stay low carb all the time. I have maintained most of the 50 pounds I lost, but I need to loose about 40 more, and I just can't seem to go lower. I am loosing and regaining the same dumb 10 pounds over and over.

    I know you may not have time to address my personal mess, but just venting here a bit has helped… I was about to go eat something wrong. 🙂

    I know you said you are on a deadline…hope it is going well.


  6. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    You're doing great, Rachel! congratulations on your continued success!

    Metamorphosis– I am definitely succumbing to the magic of the salad, but only when the lettuce is more for looks. Ha ha!

    Lucy– Way to go on getting your blood sugar under control!

    W00t Anne! Way to work it!

    little bit– It's so not easy, especially when you get to the half way mark. That was where I struggled the last time, too. I would just pretend you're starting where you are instead of half way to goal. I'd say, "Well, here I go!" and just start at day one, knpwing you're a much thinner person that you were.

    Congratulations on your losses, and if you feel this is too much of a struggle, I high recommend picking up Julia Ross' The Diet Cure to learn more about addiction and how to overcome it using amino acids you can find at your local drug store and WalMart!

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