Two week Induction over. The results…

One of the many things I enjoyed this first two weeks: Chipotle-type burrito bowl

Yes, I’m excited.

Today marks the end of my first two weeks on induction, and of course I’ve been retaining water. Thanks, ankles. Stupid cows. That’s not much fun, but what about this last two weeks has been a thrill?

My cauliflower pizza

Day One: The first day of induction. It sucked. You want even cottage cheese, and even though it’s lower carb, the answer is no.
Day Two: Cravings galore and no fun whatsoever. Headache and withdrawal symptoms kicked in.
Day Three: More cravings and even harsher detox symptoms as the body struggles for its favorite ‘feel good’ drug.
Day Four: I realized I was sick with some crud to boot.
Day Five: I’ve gone from a state of craving to non-hunger for a change.
Day Six: Still sick, but trudging along, knowing that day seven is around the bend.

Cute salad

Day Seven: I was down 19 pounds. Do a dance. Do a dance.
Days Eight-13: From a Birthday celebration to Valentine’s Day, through work deadlines, some difficult personal and business decisions and more, I managed to stick firmly on track. As a result?
Day 14: I’m down a total of 24 pounds for induction. That’s 24 pounds in two weeks. On what other diet plan can someone do that? Yes, we all know a large sum of it was water the first week, but not all of it is water. I look forward to the continued losses I’ve come to expect from this plan over the years.

Fun bento

The first two weeks of induction are no joy ride, but if you just sack up and do it, things happen. I’ve been posting my menus (also under the “Noshes” tab), and you’ll see there’s nothing magical about it. I’m not starving myself, I’m enjoying my recipes, and I’m losing at a decent pace. There’s been little to no exercise thus far. It’s just Atkins 2002 magic.

Now what about you? Whether you start living a healthy lifestyle today or you don’t, tomorrow comes in 24 hours and a week comes in seven days. The days pass by whether you’re living a healthy whole foods lifestyle or not. Why not take the first step? In a month, you’ll already be a month in.

It’s like the saying, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes; then you’ll have gone a mile and you scored some free shoes. Only here we’re talking about bacon.

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  1. This makes you the all-time champ!
    (Chomp chomp)
    Bacon rocks!

  2. Thrifty Chica says

    Just started reading your blog and I love it! Congrats on your weight loss, that's amazing.
    PS What are the mini dipped cheesecakes listed on your daily food log? Sounds like an awesome induction treat.

  3. Awesome job! 24 pounds in two weeks is incredible. Maybe I should go back to induction for two weeks, because if I lose 24 pounds I'll be at my goal weight (actually a little under it).

    • 24 pounds in 2 weeks is insanely good! I don’t think everyone can lose that large an amount though. I bet if I make it to 10 it will be a miracle.

  4. I am thrilled for you and the 24 pounds weight loss. I was just wondering if Atkins is very hard to stick with? I only ask, because I was reading your blogs from last year when you did induction last year. And from your photo you don't look like you much more weight to lose. I love this web sight, even my skinny husband follows your site!!

  5. Sister Honey Bunch says

    So darned impressive. Do you have pictures of you before the 2 week and now after? I want to lose 24 lbs in two weeks. I think I am going to eat exactly as you did for the next two.

  6. Congratulations! That is AMAZING success! Glad to see that you are a "normal" person like everyone else and go through the trials and tribulations! You are truly and inspiration! **fist bump** here.

  7. Congratulations! You are truly and inspiration. Nice to see that you are a "normal" person experiencing the "trials and tribulations" along with your followers! (insert fist bump here) Woohoo!

  8. Super awesome! Congrats.

  9. A big ole Yeeehaw from Texas! Congrats on the 24 pounds! You are inspiring me to do induction again too! And yes inquiring minds want to know about the mini dipped cheesecakes! I didn't see a recipe for them.

  10. arielcircleofnine says

    WOW what results!!! keep rockin it and posting about your food intake as you move away from Induction! Congrats!!

  11. That is amazing! What is the difference between Atkins induction 2002 and the induction rules in the latest Atkins book? Maybe I should make a chart to compare…

  12. While I congratulate you on your weight loss, I also want to remind you of what happened to ME when I was loosing too much weight too soon. l

    I lost MUSCLE TONE AND HAIR. YES !! I had beautiful legs before, and now it looks like chicken legs ! I am doing what I can to gain the muscle back in them. I also lost HAIR.

    PLEASE be aware of these things. Loosing weight can be fantastic. Just please remember, and for those folks reading that I lost my weight too fast and although this happened to ME, it may or may not happen to others.

    Have a Blessed day !

  13. Queen of the Nook says

    This is so awesome. Good job! I got down an old box of clothes pre baby #2. The tops are all fitting now, but the pants are still a bit too snug. I hung up a pair in my kitchen as motivation hee hee.

  14. Tell us what these mini dipped cheesecakes are!

  15. Congratulations to you! I was about to start doing South Beach on Sunday, but Atkins is so much more yummy! Why did you decide to do Atkins way as opposed to South Beach way of low carb? Just wondering . . .

  16. Road Warriorette says

    Thanks for posting this! I am doing induction again right now and I so need the inspiration. And you are it!

  17. Wisconsingal says

    I am so jealous. I cannot lose on low carb. I'm 68 with Type II diabetes, walk daily and can't seem to lose. I'll live vicariously through you…..

  18. Wisconsingal says

    I have an extremely difficult time losing weight 68 yoa, type II diabetes, walk 2 miles daily. Under 25 grams most days still no loss. I'll live viacariously through you….

  19. kare30bear says

    Your recipes look SO yummy! I cannot wait to try them. Thanks for all the creative ways of being a low carb master!!
    I lost 7 lbs in my first week of induction and was totally bummed to hear someone tell me that most was water weight also. Gimme a break, most diets do that to you, the difference is this is not a "diet" to me, it's the beginning of a new, better way to eat for life. I am loving the low carb eating.
    Congratulations on the successful induction and wonderful recipes. I will definitely be adding some of these to my menu and hope to continue to read more. You rock!! =)

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