Week three. How'm I doing?

First an apology. My computer is on its last legs. When I bought my handy dandy laptop four years ago, it was a floor model. Despite all of the travel and the constant use, it has been a good companion. At this point, however, I am dealing with much of the display being missing, which is hampering my ability to do much more than the cursory work I must perform. I hope to have this situation fixed in the coming weeks and hope to post mpore regularly then.

In the mean time, I’m still plugging along!

I haven’t lost anything this week, but:
1. My clothes are looser
2. My rings are tighter
3. It’s that time of the month
4. Week three is usually a period of the first big stall (post-induction stall).

This is the usual for me on week three. I call them mini maintenance periods, because they’re a time to test mettle. I know this is water weight I’m holding onto and I’m expecting a whoosh here in a week or so, so I’m not concerned. I’m doing great!

So, again, my apologies regarding not posting as much; trust me, I’m doing fabulously and I’m just dealing with computer woes at this time.

Hoping all your days are filled with bacon, bliss and more bacon,
Your Lighter Side

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  1. I remember those times when I would follow the plan and step on the scale and nothing would show for my hard work. Do some self talk – ask yourself how you feel, are you sleeping better, energy level still up and so on. that is what got me through those times. Keep plugging….

  2. Makes sense to me that you would stall, as you loose like crazy those first couple of weeks. 24 pounds in three weeks just makes more sense….if you know what I mean.

    I am glad you are doing well. I am one day behind you; I climbed back on the LC wagon the day after you did after a huge binge-out for one week in January. It is exciting for me to follow your progress as I feel I am so not alone. Thanks for posting!

  3. Ah yes, the stall. I actually had a week TWO stall! One pound in the second week of induction totally counts as a stall. But I kicked up the water and cut back on the cheese and I'm pretty confident things will start moving in the downward direction soon. I am feeling so great because this time, for whatever reason, it feels like the FINAL time. No more diets, just a low-carb way of living.

  4. Former Donut Junkie says

    Day 6 of re-induction for me and things are starting to level out. Day 1 produced an all-day major headache. Day 2 was evil cravings. Day 3 more cravings.

    I'm shooting for 21 days of clean re-induction. I really need that much to kill some bad habits picked up over the last few months, and to purge my system of sugar's evil stronghold.

    Thanks for posting when you can. Keep on keeping on and we'll do this!

    Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie

  5. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Hey guys! I am so sorry for the suckness at blogging lately. I've been having serious computer issues. Thankfully, I think I'm back.

    Of course, I may have just jinxed myself saying that…

    Lynn– I agree with you so much! I definitely feel so much better than I did over three weeks ago. I never once regret a single day on this plan; only the days it took me to see the light and come back to the lifestyle.

    Mrs. Stash– Way to go on being on track, too! Here is to week numma four of fabulousness! Thanks for writing! It's good to have another friend in the fight for health!

    Rachel– Two week stall! eek! You are such a trooper for sticking with it and trying some new things. I know I'm definitely cutting back the cheese this week to see if that matters. In the past it didn't, but I'm older, too. I am with you–this is for keeps. Go us!

    Ron– I am so proud of your commitment! I have stuck with the two week induction and am doing my best to ignore things Atkins says are ok after that time, like macadamias. Man, do I love those… Still, in the end it's worth it. Keep m posted about your progress!

  6. Michele Chastain says

    Hope you have a huge whoosh ASAP…glad your computer issues may be at an end. 🙂

  7. Nice to have you back !

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