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Cream of Bacon Mushroom Soup

This soup literally eats like a meal Mushroom soup is absolutely divine. So what happens when bacon comes to play? Hang onto your ever-lovin' taste buds. The best part? While divine, this soup is also filling, so you won't need to sit down … [Read more...]

Review: Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Bacon

Every slice is oh so nice. Hormel  Bacon is bacon is bacon... right? Not always. Nitrates and nitrites come under fire often for adding unnecessary chemicals to meats and have ben called out as carcinogenic (cancer causing).King Soopers was … [Read more...]

Thursday Fabulousness (and weigh-in)

Hello hello hello! Happy St. Patrick's Day, and with that, reports about how I've been doing, since I step on the scale each Thursday. Can you say treading water deliciously? I'm still down 30ish pounds from when I began, and while the pounds aren't … [Read more...]

Packing Kids' Lunches

Melanie P. asked:So my question is, what do you give your kids for lunch? Do you moderate carbs for your kids? My family eats a moderately low carb dinner - well low carb, because it's what I eat, but I do still give them oatmeal or higher carb … [Read more...]

Just a few nompy pictures of what I’m eating

Some might say losing weight while eating a low carbohydrate, gluten free diet is difficult, but it's pretty tasty--and easy. … [Read more...]

Your comments and questions answered!

Me like new window, please! Hey there! I just want to say Woot and thanks for all of your support and thoughts over the years. I get such amazing letters and sweet suggestions.It's because of you that Your Lighter Side is now the #1 low carb blog on … [Read more...]

Thursday Weigh Down

Stuffed cauliflower crust pizza is a terrific induction treat I'm down a total of 30 pounds!I started February 3, so 30 in a month isn't bad.Remember to check the "noshes section to see that I am sticking with an extended Atkins 2002 induction and … [Read more...]

The wisdom to not be a dunderhead

Yes. I drew this. You may marvel. There's that old adage: God grant me the serenity to not eat this crap sitting on my counter. OK. Well it's like that. I took a little poetic license. It's called forgetting the adage and making up one far better. … [Read more...]