The wisdom to not be a dunderhead

Yes. I drew this. You may marvel.

There’s that old adage: God grant me the serenity to not eat this crap sitting on my counter.

OK. Well it’s like that. I took a little poetic license. It’s called forgetting the adage and making up one far better. And I forgot the adage. See? This is what’s called “being real”. I’d tell you anything you want to know, and even some stuff you don’t.

Tomorrow my nine year old turns ten.

She has reminded me that kids take cookies and other such sundries into the classroom for that special day. Sugaring kids up is a treat, and because you brought it in, for at least those ten minutes, all hail you for the resulting blood sugar crashes.

That said, I decided I am going to have hubby bring Oreos home. I plan to frost them with yello cake icing and then pipe smiley faces on each one. Cute!

Plus, I decided I don’t even like Oreos…

But then I started thinking about Oreos.

Then I decided I do like Oreos.

Screw the cookies. I’m sending gum.

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  1. Michele Chastain says

    I've been going back and forth between wishing I had little ones to make these yummy cookies for, and being thankful that I don't, because I fear I'd shame myself and eat them, secretly, in my bedroom, with the door locked, and then yell at my husband all night for letting me get away with it! LOL Here's the recipe that has been haunting my dreams lately:

  2. We aren't allowed to bring in homemade stuff anymore. I let the kids pick out something obnoxious from Costco and then wash my hands of the whole thing. Thankfully, my kids BDay's are over for this school year. My son's teacher has seen my kid both off sugar and on it, and she's 100% behind NOT giving him crap, so she sets aside treats that come in from other parents and we take them home. 1/2 the time they are able to be tossed without a fight because I've got something better to substitute. The other 1/2 we split the item between my husband and both kids so they get a taste, but not drown in it.

  3. 1. I marvel at your artistic talent.

    2. If there were a bag of Oreos on my counter, I would totally eat them. I would eat them totally. Both.

    3. Cookies are just as bad for the kids as they are for you. Find out from Melissa what she has that her kids like better than sweets. I'd really like to know.

  4. mamichula says

    I just love you Jamie!
    Checking in just before work, for a smile. 🙂
    Your blog is a treat that I share with others that are behaving really well and deserve a little treat. 🙂
    Keep those posts comin' girl!

  5. The oreo idea was very cute!

  6. Melanie Peskoe says

    This blog post made me think about kids and school lunches. I'm not a fan of the lunches that the school servescar where we live, so I pack my 11 y/o's lunch each day. The thing is, I don't know if I do a whole lot better – carb speaking ayway.

    I pack her a PB & honey sandwich on whole grain bread, baked chips, a piece of fruit and a jello or pudding cup. See? Not better at all. I'm giving her lots of high carb foods that are probably making her blood sugar spike and fall, leaving her with little energy by the end of the school day.

    So my question is, what do you give your kids for lunch? Do you moderate carbs for your kids? My family eats a moderately low carb dinner – well low carb, because it's what I eat, but I do still give them oatmeal or higher carb smoothies for breakfast. I'd love your thoughts on this, or perhaps you've already written on this before?

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