Thursday Fabulousness (and weigh-in)

Hello hello hello!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and with that, reports about how I’ve been doing, since I step on the scale each Thursday. Can you say treading water deliciously? I’m still down 30ish pounds from when I began, and while the pounds aren’t flying off, I’m OK with that.

1. I haven’t had a cold of any consequence in more than six weeks even though people around me are dropping like flies
2. I feel hella great
3. My energy levels are amazing
4. My clothes are getting baggy.

So while my scale hasn’t shown a change, I feel a change, and for me it’s as good as any weight loss.

Also, my apologies for not blogging more regularly.
1. I am working on a cookbook for a publisher
2. I work for numerous companies as a copyrwriter/editor and am usually trying to hit a deadline
3. It looks like I might be working with a major, major publisher here for the next six months.

Things are happening quickly for me, and it impinges on my ‘you’ time, which is the pits, even if it pays the bills.

I have some product reviews coming up soon, so in the mean time, be good to yourself–you’re the best self you’ve ever had!

Love, light and lunch,

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  1. Congratulations! I suppose we, your fans, can loan you out to the publishers for a little while 😛

  2. Hello Lovely,
    Post when you can and I will read when you do. I love everything that you post. Glad to hear that life is expanding rapidly for you! M

  3. T.J. Freeman Jr. says

    Congrats gurl, I've been missing out on our chats; we need to catch up soon! Great to hear you have plenty of work, so many are struggling… great news about the baggy britches too 🙂

  4. Herbalchef says

    We love and miss you Jamie – just don't disappear for a really long time!

  5. Hi Jaimie, I am glad to hear that you are doing well and that your pants are so lose. Have a great day 🙂

  6. LynnMarie says

    Glad you are busy with so many things and you are not sick. When I lost my weight, it was slow as well but since I only needed to be down 25 pounds I was OK with that. I ended up loosing 33 pounds and pretty much have stayed where I am now. Agin, I'm OK with that as I put on my size 4 jeans this morning! I have not been sick much this winter as well and when I am sick, I recover fast! Energy level is also up. Love living Low Carb!

  7. Hi Jamie:

    Congrats on the baggy pants! Just because the scale isn't moving doesn't mean you aren't losing inches. Keep up the great work and post when you can. We miss you!

  8. Pants falling off = good!
    In the best possible way.

  9. L.J. Libiran says

    I sure hope this means we will be able to purchase a cookbook with all your fabulous recipes in it someday soon. That would be great! You are an inspiration.

  10. Good to hear from you Cleo. Sounds like you're doing very well. Good for you! Miss you.

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