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Me like new window, please!

Hey there! I just want to say Woot and thanks for all of your support and thoughts over the years. I get such amazing letters and sweet suggestions.

It’s because of you that Your Lighter Side is now the #1 low carb blog on Google.

Yes. I said it and I’ll say it again: We’re numma one! 

Anyway, enough end zone touchdown dances and onto the good stuff:

Kim whispers sexily: I am loving your blog but can you please allow links to be opened in a different window/tab? I hate to click a link and have the page change – I want to STAY on your page but open the link in a new tab. Your settings will not allow me to do that.

 Done! I was able to alter the HTML to allow new windows to now pop out when links are clicked.  Thank you for the terrific suggestion. You are more low carb awesomesauce than Bieber’s new haircut.

Suzie says saucily: Your blog gives me great hope.  Yours is the most accessible, easy to understand, easy to implement and not be totally weirded out on chemicals of all the LC blogs I read.

Thanks so much for being so sweet, but I do totally like to keep things simple. With so many products disappearing even after 30 years in production (ThickenThin as an example), it’s important for me to be able to find products I need for a reasonable price, and locally when possible. I do buy online occasionally from companies like (affiliate holla) and, but for the most part, if I can find it at Kroger or a local whole foods type store, I’m on it like Manolos on a Real Housewife.

Many have said while sipping cups filled with win: I thought you were already low carbing but yet you’re starting over? What’s up?

I’ll give you the short answer. After all it’s Sunday and the Real Housewives of Orange County debuts tonight and you’ll get enough drama there. In 1984, I lost 40 with Atkins and kept it off for 3 years (in high school). I then gained over the two decades. In 2004, I lost 139 pounds with Atkins and then relapsed in 2008. Since finally getting myself in a place where I can focus on me and not 5 other people nutritionally, I have been back on plan steadfastly for the last month. I look forward to getting to goal this time.

A few have admonished: No one can lose weight eating ‘those’ recipes. I like to keep my eating simple and clean.

I might not be Steven Hawking, but I’m still unclear about what’s unclean and complex about zucchini, eggs and cheese as a pizza crust. Some claim that vegetables should look like vegetables on the plate and not be masked in cheeses or eggs (I guess out go the au gratins and the frittatas for those guys). I do eat (as you see on my daily food logs: Of Noshes) what I cook, and I’m losing very well, thank yew. I’m sticking to induction, and I have so much variety. I do keep my variety more simple, but only since once I find a niche, I stick with it. I’m one of those people who can eat the same thing every day and be fully satisfied–as you can see with the chili bender I’ve been on. So, in short, I eat clean. I eat simply. But why eat steak and green beans every night when you can enjoy a stuffed crust pizza for about the same carb content?

Many have kicked my patoot inquiring: When will your recipes be available for download/purchase?

I have been approached by a publisher who is interested in my recipes for a cookbook and am awaiting the contract to be sure we’re going to be a good fit (I’m a professional writer and editor by trade, so I am a little bit anal about the fine print). I am also learning layout in InDesign so that I can release to you an gorgeous, full color PDF cookbook (with new recipes and old favorites) and an actual cookbook I’ve been planning with the feedback from friends. I am totally sorry this has been taking so long, but as a perfectionist, I want perfection! Perfection! Muahahahahaha! Self pubbing should also, hopefully, save on some costs, as I refuse to sell an expensive cookbook in this economy. I mean, what’s the good of an amazing cookbook if you can’t afford to eat anything but the pages afterwards? 

OK. I’ve rambled enough. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please continue to shoot those my way. I am employed so I work as fast as I can to answer. You can find me here, through Facebook or through my email address listed at the right. Thank you for your continued support. We’re getting bigger (in scope) and better (in flavor).

As always,
In bacon,
Your Lighter Side

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  1. CookinsForMe says

    Well, this isn't snazzy but still…Jamie, you rock my low carb socks off, girl! If anyone deserves to have a book published, it's you. You've slaved over heavy cream, eggs and bacon so long and have shared so much with us all that a cookbook with your name on it is just right. Dammit, it's just right!

    May you long continue to share your low carb wisdom (and humor) with the rest of us out there trying to lose in a clean and healthy way!

    All hail the baconator!

    Psst, does this earn me a free, signed copy of the book? 😉

  2. CookinsForMe says

    Blast it all, I had a nice comment prepared and it disappeared! Okay, so just feel my good thoughts about you, Queen of the Baconaters!

  3. The Buck Family says

    Once again, I'm impressed. Keep up the good work!

  4. Kimberley says

    Anyone who considers bacon to be a meal is A Number One! with me!!!

    Two thumbs up!

  5. madbanditten says

    Hello and congratulations from Copenhagen, Denmark. Just found your blog the other day and I'm already excited about trying this cauliflower pizza crust of yours. It's on the menu tomorrow.

    Thank you for a very inspirational blog.


  6. HEHEHEHEH I'm not sure that wonderful report will get that signed copy.. but HER NANA.. is first in line for one…
    Jamie girl.. I am sooo proud and happy for you.. you have been a huge help to me and my family..
    Gods Blessing to you and yours always
    huggs too..

  7. Jamie, if you create a PDF with InDesign you could self-publish and sell on Amazon using CreateSpace:

  8. LynnMarie says

    Thanks for the update about your low carb living style. I for one really love your site and have made some of the meals listed. Very nice indeed!

  9. Nanashana says

    Congratulations! I'm sure it's because I started following you.

  10. You are awesome Jamie and it is beyond cool that you have been so willing to share your recipes with everyone for years! You deserve a book where you can get full credit for all your time and hard work! Best of luck to you on everything and thanks so much!

  11. Thank You for your honest Abe attitude. Love your blog, in fact, it is the only one I look at every day of my life. I just got the New Adkins book and started reading. I want to well prepared and well informed before I start induction. Thank You for supporting all of us. Brenda

  12. You, dear, are the bomb…the cheesy, bacon-y bomb of low carb deliciousness…


  13. Wow, Jamie! That's awesome. You deserve it! You've worked so hard and people luvs ya!

  14. TiredMama says

    How about a related request to Kim's: change your RSS feed settings to full posts rather than just an excerpt. Twould make my limited blog reading time go so much faster to not have to click thru on every post.

  15. Dana Seilhan says

    FYI, for future reference for anyone who is wondering about the opening a new window thing? If you are on a PC, you can right-click on the link and select "open in new window," and if you're on the new browsers you can also select "open in new tab." On my websites I set external links to open in a new window, which on most (if not all) new browsers will actually open the link in a new tab. But if you should run across a website that you don't want to leave, and it's not set that way, a right-click on the link will get you what you need.

    There is probably a trick on Macs as well, I just have no earthly idea what it is.

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