Archives for April 2011

Mental spa day: Letting go of mistakes is OK

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.-- Elbert Hubbard Ever get overwhelmed? I think we all do. You might feel overwhelmed by questionable eating choices, or turning down the invitation to the … [Read more...]

Review: Newman's Own Organics 70% Super Dark Chocolate

As a huge fan of organics and Newman's Own, I am always up to test one of their amazing products to see whether or not it has a rightful place in the lifestyle of people who are trying to avoid most high-carb temptations. So when my husband told me … [Read more...]

Low Carb Success Story of Studulescence: Meet Garrett

Down 50 Pounds! Way to work it, GarrettGarrett has the kind of sense of humor and inimitable personality that makes mothers everywhere swoon. He's the kind of spirit who might even not drink all of the almond milk from the box or leave one solitary … [Read more...]

KFC Launches breakfast cereal, pairs with Your Lighter Side

With the advent of their new cereal, KFC comes on board with Your Lighter Side to promote healthier breakfast choices.Thanks to KFC and parent company Yumm brand foods (owner of restaurants like Burger King and Pizza Hut), healthier choices are on … [Read more...]