KFC Launches breakfast cereal, pairs with Your Lighter Side

With the advent of their new cereal, KFC comes on board with Your Lighter Side to promote healthier breakfast choices.

Thanks to KFC and parent company Yumm brand foods (owner of restaurants like Burger King and Pizza Hut), healthier choices are on the way for consumers concerned with insulin-spiking cereals.

Says Yumm President Hal Johnson, “Our committeemen is to provide healthier choices for a nation seeking taste, quality and the brands known and recognized for decades. Kentucky Fried Cereal is a push to bring these brands to consumer homes to present a viable option in the breakfast food market.”

Similarly, Burger King is following suit with breakfast burger pastries, soon to be found in frozen food aisles across the country.

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  1. youffoniac says

    I saw the headline in my news feed, and ALMOST believed it. Nice one.

  2. For a moment I really thought you'd lost your marbles. But now I understand 🙂 Nice one.

  3. Little dehydrated chicken nuggets in the shape of drumsticks… That would be AWESOME!! 🙂

  4. Thirteenlbs says

    Hahahahaha! I had to keep looking at the box to realize the cereal bits were chicken.

  5. Ha! Jaime, you kill me.

  6. Haha – nearly got me there! Happy April Fools to you too!!

  7. T.J. Freeman Jr. says

    4/1/11! 🙂

  8. missmatchd says

    I believed this for a few moments. Stranger things have happened.

  9. you seriously got me. i thought you had lost it! but alas, me again….

  10. Nanashana says

    LOL! I LOVE April Fools Days.

  11. Longmont Examiner says

    Sniffle. You mean I don't get a free walker octopus?


  1. […] had to double check that it actually existed. I thought it was going to be like the time I thought Kentucky Fried Cereal was real (seriously, chicken cereal would have changed American cereals forever) and camped outside […]

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