Cream Cheese Frosting

Frosting whaaaaaaaaaaaat!

Thanks to the fantasticity of lower carbohydrate confectionery sugar, you, too, can achieve frosting-y heaven with any baked item you can concoct. I love this frosting with the Orange you glad it’s carrot cake recipe for a perfect, sweet dessert on occasion.

This recipe is about as easy at it gets and will frost a standard cake.
I use coconut milk because whipping up whipping cream creates more stiffness than my back the last time I fell off of the porch in front of the neighbor who now thinks I drink before noon.
Please note: This is not a low-low carb frosting, since Ideal Confectionery contains carbohydrates (xylitol and corn starch for stiffening). While standard cream cheese frosting made with powdered sugar comes in at 34 carbohydrates per 2 Tbsp serving, this comes in at only 11, less than 1/3 the damage.

That difference makes this the kind of frosting you use for an occasional celebratory cake when you want something wonderfully authentic, rich and perfect without the excessive sugar carbs. Trust me–it’s worth it on those special occasions, or at Birthdays where you want to spoil the recipient with something that tastes like a sugar crash is coming… without the sugar crash.

I used half of the recipe to frost an entire 9 X 13, single tier carrot cake, so a little goes a long way to remind you how sweet a lower carbohydrate lifestyle can be.

Go ahead. Live a little! You can freeze what you don’t use right away.

Dreamy cream cheese frosting

 1 block (8 ounces) plain, high fat cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp plain, unsweetened coconut milk
4 cups low carb Ideal Confectionery powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
In a mixing bowl, mix cream cheese with coconut milk and vanilla. Add confectionery sugar, one cup at a time, until the desired consistency.
Makes about 2 cups, or 16, 2-Tbsp servings.

Nutritional Information per 2 Tbsp serving:

Calories: 50
Carbohydrates: 30
Fiber/SA: 19
Net carbohydrates: 11*
Fat: 5


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  1. Is there a UK version of the confectionery sugar? I’ve no idea what to use, I dont suppose a powdered sucralose (is that splenda) would work? I’ve got xylitol, truvia (stevia and erythritol) and sucralose here.

    I’ve also got coconut flour if that might help stabilise the mix?

    • Hey there! You could probably just powder the regular granular sugar. Confectionery tends to also contain cornstarch, which helps stiffen the frostings, but it is not low carb…

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