Review: Sara Lee 45 Calories and Delightful 100% Whole Wheat with Honey Bread

Hey man. You got some bread?

No, I’m not obsessed with bread suddenly. You’re not going to see me in a corner like Gollum stroking a loaf of bread and drooling on myself while gumming the heels off of the loaf with big, meaty bites. I’m just noticing there are more options out there than I’d previously known, thanks to friends tipping me off. And because so many low carbers do partake in bread occasionally or regularly as a part of a lower carb lifestyle, and I’m already in a bread frame of mind, why not share all of my local findings?

Shopping for bread products can be depressing, and even though I’ve spotted some pretty reliable low carb bread brands locally, at $7/loaf in this economy with a family of six (with three teens and an almost tween) I know I’d be breaking the bank. Fuggetabout it when those brands have to be ordered through the mail– you’re adding shipping to that already hefty price. Quick! Someone grab my smelling salts…

Thankfully, there are manufacturers out there producing lower carb alternatives for a reasonable price to keep life a little more simple (if not sinful), and at stores many of us either frequent or live somewhere akin to.

While not gluten-free, low carb breads give many low carbers who have no gluten issues a life with greater dietary ‘normalcy’ (in terms of what we’re used to before low carb). So when I reviewed Carb Helper bread, I was excited to receive a tip about yet another product–and one that’s even easier to find than the Kroger bread. From the delicious uniblogger:

The Sara Lee Delightful Honey Wheat has 9g net carbs for two slices. It’s reeeeeally soft and will do when I’m hungry for an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich. If I’ve not allotted any carbs prior, I will throw on a slice of tomato. Yummy stuff. I actually like it BETTER than white bread. Locally, I can get it around $2.79/loaf at WallyWorld.

How does the taste compare ?

I’ll get to taste in a minute. I must now do my end zone dance of marvelous happiness.

knee wobble
knee wobble
point to the sky

Woohoo! Wally World! I slapped on my shoes and socks and headed to the big box store (aka Super WalMart) and found it: Sarah Lee’s 45 Calories and Delightful 100% Whole Wheat with Honey bread. That this product is available at Super Walmart, a prolific store on the American landscape (and close enough to our Canadian border friends to be a viable option) makes this an easier-to-locate item.

Honey, sugar, corn syrup…and Splenda for good measure

At only 4.5 carbs per regular, bread-sized slice and 45 calories, you’re only slightly higher than the Kroger Carb Helper (Carb Helper slices are slightly smaller in size, though, to be fair). The ample 20 Sarah Lee ounce loaf offers up 26 slices of thin-sliced, full-sized bread, which is pretty wonderful. The number of sweeteners in the product was surprising, but there you go. Sometimes you have to take the good with the not terrific for some bready relief.

In terms of taste, this stuff is terrific. It’s perfect as toast, crispy and it’s substantial. I slathered the bread with two extra large scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon and it just said, “Puhlease, honey. Two eggs? I could take the whole chicken.”

You heard it from the bread, folks. Yes, it speaks to me. Incidentally it says you are luscious and would like to hang out with you.

Bread label end for easy store spotting.

I have to say that while I usually give the stink eye to bread and to gluten, I realize how much I miss it from time to time. The full slices, lower carbs and the nice, slightly nutty, fruity taste don’t trick me into thinking I’m eating something the USDA is falsely imagining as a miracle food of healthy healthiness.

**Thank you, Cindy, for the catch on the misspelling. You are the amazingness!

Nonetheless, if the difference between making it and breaking it on your low carb lifestyle is 9 carbs’ worth of bread every couple of days, this could save you in the long run.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price:  $2.72 for 20 oz package, 28 servings
Usefulness: Cooking, baking, snacking, sandwiches, posing with meats
Negative: Contains wheat, milk and soy.
Found at: Super WalMart
Website: Sara Lee Delightful Bread

Disclosure: This product was not provided to me for review and hasn’t affected what I think of the stuff.

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  1. KeepBooks says

    If only Sarah had a passport. I'd love to import her to England.

  2. Striking visual!
    And it does seem everything and everyone is talkin' LoCarb these days!
    Well, better shopping, I guess!

  3. Doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance. Thank you!!!

  4. I was so excited until I saw the HFCS. Going to have to pass on this one. Shame on you Sara Lee for trying to market this as healthy with HFCS in it!

  5. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    It's a bummer to see HFCS. The marginally good thing is at least it's pushed down the list of ingredients.

  6. Thirteenlbs says

    This is good. Arnold's makes one as well, and I eat some pretty often.

  7. I eat Healthy Life –

    It contains 5 net carbs per slice, and I'm usually happy with one slice. It doesn't have any HFCS, only some cane sugar, and I think it's pretty good.

  8. Geez, they have to ruin everything by sticking HFCS in it, don't they? Do you know if there's another variety? This one is HONEY wheat. Maybe another variety won't compel them to add the manufactured sweetness?

  9. Have to get Honey Wheat. The wheat and multigrain 45 cal ad deliscious have much more!

  10. I bought this bread.. Same exact name and brand but mine doesn’t have the reduced calories. It’s 100 calories per slice and 20g of carbs with 18 servings. But there are only natural ingredients. I dont know if there is a difference but mine doesnt have any HFCS or any artificial flavors colors or preservatives. I love this bread it’s delicious!

  11. Jamie: Have you ever seen these at Walmart? The total carb of one sheet is 7 g with 3 g of fiber! I use them when I need to bring sandwiches to functions (they are very tasty–everyone loves them!) and I use them to make a fast pizza for a treat. They make a very tasty breakfast-to-go as well. I generally use only a third for a sandwich for myself, stuffing it with more meat and veggies, making it very low carb. I’ve even used them to make enchiladas. I use them only a few times a month but they have been a lifesaver for me. For anyone who can’t find them locally at a Walmart, the company will sell them in bulk online and they are the same price as they are in my Walmart. Hope this helps! Happy low-carbing!

  12. Why are the stores not stocking the 45 Calorie 100% whole wheat bread with Honey anymore, I can’t find it anywhere

  13. The multi-grain version has a few more carbs (12 g for 2 slices vs 9) but it has no HFCS and tastes pretty good! I get it at the bakery outlet.

  14. ravenrose says

    Of course the reason the Honey Whole Wheat showed fewer carbs in its nutrition label, compared to the regular Whole Wheat or Multi Grain, was either mismeasuring or mislabeling. They changed the package and it’s now the same as the other two, which is what we were REALLY eating all along. I knew it was too good to be true, but denial was working till they changed the label. It’s still not impossibly high if you eat only one slice. The change happened here last winter sometime.


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