Savings Saturday for June 4, 2011

Welcome to Savings Saturday, the place you come to save some green while eating green. Looking to stay cool and defeat the heat? This week, I’m sharing some real chill deals, sure to refresh your wallet. Yes, I’m about out of summer puns.

  1. Save $.50 on one Starkist tuna pouch product by signing up for emails link
  2. Save a very generous $3.00 on any two Ideal sweetener products, (theirs is my favorite baking mix ever. I use their confectionery, their regular sugar substitute for baking and their brown sugar substitute). Link to my review of their sweeteners here and here. Savings link 
  3. Pay only $4.95 flat rate shipping in 48 states for your orders at is extremely reasonable, if you’ve ever had to pay for shipping, and their packaging of glass bottles is beyond reproach. I am not sharing as an affiliate and I am not sharing an affiliate link. It’s just a good price. link
  4. Save $.50 off of any Green Giant frozen vegetables. Stay cool and green, my friends. link
  5. Save $.50 on any bagged, Dole Coleslaw Kit. link
  6. Sign up for emails and receive a whopping $1.50 on any Wholly Guacamole product. Link
  7. Save $.55 on any carton of Almond Breeze almond milk link
  8. Save $1.00 on any Kraft Deli Deluxe cheese product. Link
  9. Save $1.00 on any two packages of Land O Lakes Deli Sliced Cheese. link
  10. Looking to chill out? You can, with this $.55 off Blue Bunny novelty ice cream coupon. Yes, it’s good for their sugar free products, too. link
  11. …and then save another $1 good towards any Blue Bunny ice cream product when you check your email a few minutes later. That’s savings almost nice enough to share.

Have any coupons, savings, sales or tips to share? 
Are you a company with a great deal you want to pass on? 
Contact me by emailing at yourlighterside at or place your comment below! Let’s work to help each other save money while leaving healthfully!

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  1. Thanks for all of these links! I'm so stoked to see a Wholly Guacamole coupon, I'm almost giddy 🙂

    Could I ask a super duper favor, though? Could you set the links in these posts so that they open in a new window? You have right clicking disabled, so I can't right click and choose "open link in new tab", which means I each time I click a link it takes me away from your page and I have to navigate back to it to go to the next one. Not a huge deal, but it would be awesome if the links could just open in a new tab automatically 🙂

  2. MemoryKeeper says

    Thanks for the coupon. I caught a sale at Food Lion so I got 100 pack boxes for $1.50 each…It was awesome! I can't wait to try some recipes. I finally tried the oopsie roll, and OMW it is so fantastic! I love love love it! Did I mention, I love it? LOL!

    Thanks for everything!

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