Thirsty for Savings Thursday for June 16, 2011

Go coconuts for this great product at a superb price!

My apologies for missing a week, savings-nistas! I was on the road with bits falling off of an RV, trying to safely deposit two teens at summer camp, where they’re counselors. A 10 hour drive, sheer winds, and a non compliant generator made for the rhetorical question: How many four-letter words does it take per mile to travel in an RV?

As you print off these coupons, remember that Walmart will meet or beat competitors on same items they carry. So be sure to take those Target ads and coupons to Wal Mart, compare, and save where it’s cheapest!

On to the savings!

  1. Save $.55 on one Hormel Fully Cooked Bacon and enjoy instant pork happiness link
  2. Save a very generous $1.00 on any six pack of Zevia, stevia flavored sodas, by visiting their Facebook page. Link to my review of their soda here. Savings link 
  3. Found at Super Target in Colorado: Dreamfields Pasta low carb pasta products for only $1.99/box, $.80 cheaper per box than King Soopers/Kroger locally. Check stores for this product at this link
  4. Save $.55 off of any So Delicious dairy free refrigerated item when you sign up for emails and coupons. I love their coconut milk and use it regularly in cooking. link
  5. You can still save $.50 on any bagged, Dole Coleslaw Kit. link
  6. Like Rosie on Facebook and receive a whopping $2.00 on organic chicken. Link
  7. You can still save $.55 on any carton of Almond Breeze almond milk link
  8. Save $1.00 on any Pompeian olive oil. Link
  9. Save $.55 on any 16 ounce (or two 5.3 ounce containers) Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. Simply sign up for savings on their site. link
  10. Walgreens BOGO means buy one, get one free on many of their supplements, shipped free.  link
  11. It’s hot y’all, but so are the savings. So save $1 when you buy any two Lipton Tea items at Target. You can fan yourself with the money you’re saving. link
  12. …and Bertoli sauces are also $1 off when you buy two 15 oz. or larger jars. link
  13. Save $1 on Dreamfields products by signing up for their newsletter. Link 
    Thank you Marvellous Melissa for the tip!

Have any coupons, savings, sales or tips to share? 
Are you a company with a great deal you want to pass on? 
Contact me by emailing at yourlighterside at or place your comment below! Let’s work to help each other save money while leaving healthfully!

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  1. kaurandt says

    Thanks for the money saving tips! And for the oopsie rolls, cauliflower pizza, those outrageously delicious cauliflower chips, no sugar frappucino (sp?) and the mini cheesecakes (without which my husband may not have lost 40 lbs since Feb.) You and your recipes are the best!! He doesn't even know it's cauliflower…

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