Thirsty for Savings Thursday for June 23, 2011

Greetings, coupon shoppers! Hopefully, these coupons and savings are helping. Please drop me a line here or on the FB Page and let me know if this is helping. In this economy, every little bit helps. Please let me know, too, if there’s a great deal we should share. 

As you print off these coupons, remember that Walmart will meet or beat competitors on same items they carry. So be sure to take those Target ads and coupons to WalMart, compare, and save where it’s cheapest!

On to the savings!

  1. Save $1.00 on one Coleman Natural Products when you “like” their Facebook page link
  2. For Your Lighter Side readers only: Save a very generous 10% off on any order from when you order by July 17th. Just share the code LIGHTSIDE at checkout (I am not an affiliate). His is a new, low carb company, and he’s developed all of the products, including his own sweeteners and thicknthin version, too! Link
  3. Dreamfields Pasta low carb pasta products are still only $1.99/box, $.80 cheaper per box than King Soopers/Kroger locally. Check stores for this product at this link
  4. Save $1.00 off of any Laura’s Lean Ground Beef product when you sign up for emails and coupons. I love their grass fed hamburger and use it all of the time. link
  5. You can still save $.50 on any bagged, Dole Coleslaw Kit. link
  6. Like Rosie on Facebook and receive a whopping $2.00 on organic chicken. Link
  7. Pay only $.99 for a dozen eggs at Walgreens. Simply click for the printable coupon and go (limit 2)! link
  8. BOGO free, sugar free candy from Russell Stover from Walgreens (3 or 3.6 ounce). No coupon needed.
  9. You can still save $1.00 on any Pompeian olive oil. Link
  10. Save $.50 on any Newman’s Own Salad Dressing. Their ranch and Caesar are my faves.  link
  11. Whole Foods gives you whole savings with a product for !4 off of Original Brat Hans Sausages link 
  12. Ever see a hot dog? How about these? Save $1 on 14 oz or larger Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs at Target. You can grill these…not your other dogs. link
  13. …and Kraft sliced cheeses  at Target are $1.50 off when you buy three 7 oz. or larger sealed bags. link
  14. …and you get one free when you buy three Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Lunchmeats, also at Target link
  15. You can still save $1 on Dreamfields products by signing up for their newsletter. Link 

Have any coupons, savings, sales or tips to share? 
Are you a company with a great deal you want to pass on? 
Contact me by emailing at yourlighterside at or place your comment below! Let’s work to help each other save money while leaving healthfully!

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