This is what the USDA left out

Yes, the fork looks like a giraffe. I hear it all the tine. Get it?! Tine?!

I picked out a fatal flaw in the USDA plating. They didn’t say what the plates and cutlery should consist of. Why not meaty deliciousness?

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  1. Andy Doane says

    Yours looks tastier than the one I made.

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Yours looks great! It's what Dr. Atkins intended for induction, and, frankly, is my favorite set of percentages.

  3. That's amazing, Jamie. Off to make bacon for lunch, scuse me…

  4. Robin Bayne says

    I always wanted to eat my forks and plates. . .

  5. Jennifer says

    Hahaha! Cute! Hmm, I'd have to say with Jamie aka Cleochatra, it's a toss up between bacon and cauliflower. 😉

  6. DishyFishy says

    Mmm… bacon! And not a grain in sight — perfect!

    @ Andy: I'd like yours for my avatar!

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