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The Juice: Days 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

As we near mid-Wednesday on day what? 10? I am reminded that I suck hard in sharing the ongoing  happenings of our juicing situation. I want to catch you up without boring you to tears, so this is how things have gone since last we met and discussed … [Read more...]

Wonderful Wednesday Savings for July 27, 2011

source A bit of a quickie this week as we get ready to head out to get my camp counselor kids from Wyoming. But enough about me. Ready for the savings?  Athenos makes a delicious Feta cheese, and now you can grab some for yourself. Save $1 … [Read more...]

The Juice, 4: Smooth Sailing

Starting to grow on me. source After the first three days I was to the point where I'd rather drink water and eat nothing than lift another glass of pulverized vegetable leavin's to my lips. Thankfully, Day Four proved to be much different. … [Read more...]

The Juice, 3: Shaky, cheesecakey

First a shout out and a Thank You to Emmalee and to Chelan for the bacon action figure. I love him. He is already posing on my nesting protein set in the kitchen (pictured above). He will be my mascot. I shall name him... Captain Baconpants. … [Read more...]

The Juice, 2: Easy Being Green

Day two is already so much better than day one was, and I think I know why, based on changing up a few things. 1.    Day one I made one drink with apples, and I can’t help but think the apples killed my sensitive blood sugar and made me extremely … [Read more...]

Recipes are now PDF-friendly and printable

I rock! Yay! It only took me what? A year? Eleventy months? A ginormous expanse of time? I've tried to get this feature up and running in the past without mucking up the HTML... and to no avail.Now ye may have all the avails you wish! Print the … [Read more...]

Wonderful Wednesday Savings for July 19, 2011

Like totally! source Are the prices in this economy enough to gag you with a spoon?Not sure where to find, like, excellent deals on items you likely already use? Like totally get this, because your neighborhood totally tubular Savings Gal is here! … [Read more...]

The Juice, 1: Into Nightshade

Follow along on a low carber’s journey of juicing, sacrifice and… well, right now it’s sacrifice only, really… as a typically low carb blogess and her sweet baboo embark on a liquid only diet for 10 days, based on the documentary, Fat, Sick and … [Read more...]

Berry Spinach Smoothie

I know you're saying Whatwhat? Berry Spinach? Did you go and smoke some crack and then raid the ice box? Allow me to explain... My husband and I saw a pretty compelling documentary on Netflix about juicing called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead this … [Read more...]

Mexican Spaghetti Squash Bake

You've stumbled in the front door after a busy day, only to find the dog has eaten your best bra. The newspaper is somehow dangling from the ceiling fan, and the kids look hungry. It's time for round two: dinner. … [Read more...]

Review: LC-Tapioca Instant Pudding

  Ch-ch-ch-chia! source Update: July 19, 2011. Glen just contacted me and told me they've revamped the tapioca, so expect a newer, even better product. Let me start out by saying I'm not the biggest fan of tapioca. So but … [Read more...]

Wonderful Wednesday Savings for July 13, 2011

It's a brat! No! It's a plantain! No! It's Bacon Girl! Well hello there, shopping divas and dudes! Worried that groceries are getting a little out of hand? Not sure where to score some righteous prices on items you likely already use? Never fear, for … [Read more...]

Review: Simply Lite 36% Cacao Bar: Milk Chocolate

Udderly bovine: Milk chocolate, and no sugar. I love seeing new companies on the horizon, especially when we're a nation more than ever looking for gluten free, sugar free solutions. So when Simply Lite placed itself on my radar, I was excited to … [Read more...]

The best side effect of all

No pain, all gain. source Today's guest post is from a very good friend of mine. Andrea Asa Sonnenberg is fun, witty, and a ginge, the triple threat of fabulousness. She's also a fellow writer for, covering a bevy of  schweet … [Read more...]

Perfect nightmare. Celebrating progress over perfection

source It's time to talk about you. A little. And me. Mostly. Because I only talk about you with close friends, and we always say amazing things about you. Love your shoes, by the way.Perfection is one of those things that kills your mood, your … [Read more...]