Berry Spinach Smoothie

I know you’re saying Whatwhat? Berry Spinach? Did you go and smoke some crack and then raid the ice box? Allow me to explain…

My husband and I saw a pretty compelling documentary on Netflix about juicing called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead this weekend (You can see as a Netflix or Blockbuster streaming download). Something crazy happened. My husband looked at me and said, “That looks like that could be nice.”

He thinks it’s nice. I think it’s terrific.

For the next ten days, I am partaking my own liquid diet, with hubby as my partner–and I’m pretty excited about it. After all, let’s be fricken real here: it’s hot, and I don’t want to cook. La Nina promised me hot, dry weather with a breeze, and the girl has written checks my antiperspirant can’t cash. That and it’s something my husband is excited about, so it’s something we can do together. Additionally, I want to note I haven’t had any amazing epiphanies or developed a desire for a crash diet, and I’m not becoming a vegan (not that there’s anything wrong with that)–and yes, I’m still lower carb/glycemic load.

Some of my favorite things in the world are milk shakes, smoothies and juices. If the Universe was a milkshake, I’d sip it through my straw and deliver the snap, head bobble and the “That’s right. I just drank your Universe.”

So, Saturday we bought our Breville juicer at Bed Bath and Beyond (sign up for their emails and print a 20% coupon for the store) and we’ve been trying some different juices.

My problem is that I tend to do things–like accidentally want to consume solids– (who knew you could feel guilty for grabbing a slice of pepperoni and some blue cheese) and I can get pretty hungry when I drink juices. I remember V-8 giving me a case of the munchies once. To offset any hunger, I’m going to enjoy at least one protein smoothie daily, made with fat, to help stave off any of the blood sugar spikes.

I’ll keep you in the loop. It could be interesting. It could be… dare I say it… juicy…

What I love about juicing and smoothies, is I can use my Ninja for the smoothies and the juicer for the juices, and I’m done. It’s easy. And because exact amounts aren’t a necessity when it comes to juicing or smoothies, I can throw in a little of this and that based on what I want at any particular time.

For you, though, I’ll share what I’m drinking, in its vitamin and nutrient glory. This is full on 24-32 ounces per meal of liquid refreshment, supplemented by water. It’s healthy. It’s raw (save for the protein powder I add to the smoothie–you could risk adding raw egg, but consult your doctor first) and it’s as delicious as it is healthy.

Think about all of the raw energy, vitamins and iron in this–and no; you can’t taste the spinach:

Thick as a shake, you’ll shake your tail feathers over all of this deliciousness

Berry Spinach Smoothie

½ cup heavy white cream
½ cup water
½ cup frozen strawberries
½ cup frozen blueberries
½ cup ice
a handful of fresh spinach (about a cup)
1 scoop Jay Robb’s strawberry protein powder

Blend until smooth. Serve immediately. Makes 3 cups.

Nutritional information for one smoothie: calories: 550, net carbs: 24*
* You can reduce fruit amounts for fewer carbs. The cream adds only 2 and the protein powder adds 4. 

So what do you think? I’ll keep you posted on our juicy journey!

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  1. suebeehoney says

    This looks like an excellent idea – something I've been toying with for a while. (I actually downloaded the liquid fasting diet used by pre-bariatric surgery patients to try, but haven't been brave enough to try it yet.) Keep us posted!

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I definitely will. I expect some days will be harder than others, but even psychologically, I feel cleaner and more refreshed ingesting so many healthy, raw foods. I will definitely keep fat and protein in the equation. I refuse to be hungry.

  3. ooooh, so fun! Can't wait to read how things go!

  4. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I'm excited, too! And it's really super-snazz because my sweet baboo is involved in this.

  5. We saw this same documentary on Netflix this weekend and promptly went to buy a juicer. I too came to the conclusion that there will have to be some protein involved to stave off hunger and a bit of fat to get the most out of the vitamins. I'm presently in a paleo-lifestyle, but thinking I could do with a good detox period. I will be keeping an eye on your posts!

  6. Sharishortcake says

    It sounds delicious and worth trying. Do you have any idea of the carb and protein counts?

  7. My son and his girlfriend just came off the 10 day detox (or whatever it is). He lost 17 pounds and she, 15 pounds. What's amazing is my son NEVER EATS VEGGIES – NEVER: I guess love does that to you huh? Know I know he REALLY loves her-cause he went on this veggie drinking diet with her!LOL!

    My daughter and I are about to watch the documentary.

    Good luck!!!!

  8. LynnMarie says

    Sounds interesting but can you give the carb count please?????

  9. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I am positively starving right now, which kind of stinks when you're cooking dinner for other people. I'm going to tough it out and then make some juice! It's crazy when you can't eat food.

    Per carb counts, I will try to include some of them going forward–for the smoothies anyway. There's not much I can do with the veggie juice counts, since I'm not sure. Right now I'm trying to not eat a side of beef. 😀

  10. Whatever works for you, good luck. I think I will stick with my LC, I don't like feeling hungry! LOL

  11. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I look at it like this: You never know until you try it! And why not take one for the team to see if juicing is possible and practical, and if it's at all passable in terms of health. I'm documenting these ten days to see what happens. Will keep everyone posted!–

    Oh and I also posted the carb and caloric amounts for the smoothie. Not low-low carb, but filling.

  12. Jamie, thanks for reminding me to get my smoothie on. Also, I need to do a post featuring your oopsie rolls! Off to buy Spinach for the first time in months… 😉

  13. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    When I was just standard low carbing, I usually ended up throwing fresh spinach away, so it's been wonderful actually consuming it, even if it's in a juice. You literally can't taste it, but it definitely adds body to a drink.


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