Review: Eucerin Everyday Protection Face and Body Lotion

If your skin is a commotion, you have got to try this lotion.

When Eucerin sent me a couple of their terrific products to try, I was pretty excited. I mean, hey– I get samples from food companies often, but now your friendly neighborhood writergirl is receiving products to review by major, wonderful non-food companies like Eucerin. Sure, you could probably eat Eucerin, but I wouldn’t. It’s better on your skin.

One of the leading therapeutic brands green-lighted by both pharmacists and dermatologists, for over 100 years Eucerin has been kicking butt and taking names–and it just left its pen at home.  Why do I like Eucerin? In short, their products don’t leave a greasy residue on skin, and they deliver powerful SPF (UVA+UVB) protection in both their Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion (SPF 30) and their Dry Skin Therapy Everyday Protection Body Lotion (SPF 15) with one application.

I’m generally not great with applying lotions because many moisturize without the UV protection, meaning I have to apply two separate lotions. Put on two separate lotions, and I smell like coconuts or bananas, on top of radiating whatever the fragrance from the other lotion is. I end up being the world’s most fragrant tropical garden, minus the umbrella drink. As a result, I’m generally lotionless and motionless when it comes to rubbing its goodness into my thirsty pores. Face it, folks; I look like V minus the cult following. I need the moisture.

Eucerin floats my boat because one quick application leaves me feeling protected without being stinky (it’s fragrance free), and helps protect my (1980’s overly tanned) skin from further damage by the sun. I use the Dry Skin Therapy Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15 on my arms, neck, ears and legs when I’m out in the yard trying to fight through the weeds and when riding in vehicles where it’s easy to burn your arms through windows, and the Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 15 is perfect for application under makeup daily.

In the last week, I had my family lotion up with Eucerin when we hit the road to visit Custer’s Last Stand battleground and Pompei’s Pillar in Montana. None of us ended up with reddened skin under the scorching, shadeless acres of historical momunent rolling hills. Granted, Eucerine doesn’t fight off the rattlesnake we enocuntered, but it kept our skin from resembling one due to the unforgiving elements. Granted, I guess you could bean the snake in the head with the bottle, but why waste your lotion while screaming like a little girl? Again.

Try this light, greaseless lotion of goodness for yourself! Save $1 on Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15 at the link. (Store locator below)

Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Price:  $2.29 for 3 oz package
Usefulness: Not smelling like ice cream toppings; smooth, protected skin with one application
Negative: Go light on your forehead to avoid sweat drips in the eyes on hot days.
Found at: Store Locator
Website: Eucerine

Disclosure: This product was provided to me for review but hasn’t affected what I think of the stuff.
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