The Juice, 3: Shaky, cheesecakey

First a shout out and a Thank You to Emmalee and to Chelan for the bacon action figure. I love him. He is already posing on my nesting protein set in the kitchen (pictured above). He will be my mascot. I shall name him… Captain Baconpants.

Best toys evarr! Children, this is a bacon burger.

Hey everybody! It’s a shorter post today, because we have company from out of town, and I’m busy loving on a four month old little baby girl. I loves me some babies! I still want to share how things are going because I know a lot of people are contemplating whether or not to try a juice diet based on the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

To recap, here are the day one and day two diaries and smoothie recipes. This whole process of liquid nourishment only hasn’t been easy (holy smokes–that’s a fricken understatement), and I’ve literally been near tears more than once about not even being able to slip even a sliver of shredded cheese into my mouth.

On to how day three went. In two words: It. sucked!

Day three was such a debacle I really don’t even want to think about it. Note I didn’t even bother sharing more than one juice recipe today. I was that low. I just threw vegetables in the juicer and swigged without abandon, like a drunken pirate. It was a day filled with my worst attitude ever. I was tired of being hungry at night, and sick of vegetables. I was feeling crabby. I was tired. My husband even caved and ate the toppings off of one slice of pizza at work (I was really proud of him, because at least he low-carbed it).

Yesterday, essentially, on day three, I wanted to be done. Period. I was ready to call the experiment a disaster and cash it all in for a lettuce wrapped bacon guacamole burger at Red Robin.

But then something happened. My husband ended up swinging his sister by Red Robin on the way from the airport, and he sat and had water, as she tucked into her succulent meal. And then he told me he is so excited about how well I’m doing. Because he’s on this journey with me, he is absolutely empathizing with how hard it is. And because I haven’t had a bit of food to eat in over three days and he has, and because I’ve been caffeine free and he hasn’t, he’s extra proud of me–and he says so.

Plus, he’s lost at least four pounds to date, and I’ve lost about eight–so we know the weight loss aspect of things is working.

I definitely stuck to my  resolve, and last night, as my sister and law and her adorable baby came to visit, I sipped water and went to bed… for the first time not hungry. It was a wonderful change. Granted, I avoid cooking shows and try to not watch food commercials (I don’t like Olive Garden, but when their ads come on I’m still drooling into my lap) and watched Jersey Shore, which was enough to replace hunger with plenty of eye rolling action.

I did have a blueberry cheesecake smoothie yesterday, but I am not suspecting maybe dairy isn’t working for me. After drinking it, I felt bloated and I didn’t lose anything in terms of weight. I think it may have caused–if anything–some slight inflammation. My son, howeever, who is following a low carb plan, absolutely loves the smoothie/shake, so I’m sharing it with you now:

Thick, cheesecakey deliciousness minus the guilt

Cheesecakey Shakey

3 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup blueberries, frozen, unsweetened
4 Tbsp heavy white cream
½ cup water
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 packet sweetener (optional)
Blend and drink
Nutritional information: 242 calories, about 18 net carbs

Of course, you could add protein powder or a raw, whole egg (check with your doctor before adding raw eggs to your foods) for added protein and fat, but we wanted to keep things a little more simple. Son loved it. Hubby loved it. It’s enough of a hit that I purchased more cream cheese and blueberries.

I have to say, it’s rich, thick consistency makes it much more of a cheesecake shake than a smoothie. It’s pretty derned delicious.

Here is the one juice I paid attention to in terms of ingredients. I used some of the lapins cherries from the tree, but any sour pie cherry will suffice.

I’m reusing this picture because the drink looked pretty much like this.
Cheery Cherry
Makes 3 cups
½ large cucumber
1 cup shredded cabbage
2 cups spinach
4 carrots, ends trimmed
½ green pepper, seeded
4 stalks celery
½ cup organic lapins cherries, pitted

Juice and serve immediately.

Extrapolations: I drank more water, but I should have had even more water. I should have tried to sip the drinks more than guzzle them down, for added sustenance. I need to watch dairy for the duration of this experiment.

Quote of the day: “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” –Harriet Beecher Stowe

Are you journeying along with a juicing diet? Trying something different? How are you doing? Leave comments below and share your struggles and successes.

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  1. Yay, for you!! I love reading about your 'experiment.' So proud of you for sticking to it.
    May I borrow the quote you used for my Hungry! page? I loved that, too. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I'm so glad, Catrina! Thank you for saying so. You're like a Wonderbra–you've never let the girls don. You bet. Use the quote. I got it from a dear friend years ago on an Atkins board.

  3. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    down… not don… but you knew that

  4. I love to add the liquid egg whites…. no germs, I'm told! Love Captain Baconpants!
    We lived to juice another day! That's good!

  5. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Way to go, Anne! And I'm told there's a new product on the market that I'm to be trying soon– raw eggs that are safe for everyone to use! We'll see what happens.

  6. Ooooh I love the lettuce wrapped bacon guacamole burger at Red Robin.

  7. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    That is totally the best thing on their menu… *Homer Simpson drool*

  8. Jamie, how many servings in that Cheesecakey Shakey?

    Sounds like it would make only 1 shake, but 1 cup blueberries (and 18 Net carbs) sounds like a lot for 1 serving to me. (But that’s me.)

    • Hi there! It is pretty carby, I agree. You can cut the blueberries back by a lot–or even go with your favorite blueberry-flavored sugar-free syrup. It really is the milkshake that sips like a meal, for sure!

      • Thanks Jamie! I was even thinking about using strawberries (probably less), as I like them better, and they aren’t as carby either. I have some mixed fruit in the freezer, might use that sometime too.
        Thanks for the recipe, and the reply!

        • I appreciate you asking questions and sharing ideas! I love the strawberries idea, too.

          • A question….. Why the lemon juice in this recipe. I see lemon juice in a LOT of recipes that I see no reason for. Is it personal taste, or does it serve another purpose. Tho I don’t actually dislike lemons, I’m not really a lemon fan either. Nor am I a fan of tart! So just curious!

          • Hi! Lemon is a diuretic, but for the cheesecake recipe, it adds just a touch of acid and a lemony, bright flavor.

          • So the 1 tsp of lemon in the shake will be a diuretic. Wouldn’t have thought of it.
            As for lemon in cheesecake, I’m one of the few who doesn’t like lemon in my cheesecake. I’ve just got different tastes! I prefer vanilla cheesecakes. And not fond of acid either. To each his/her own!!

          • Yeah, you can totally leav out the lemon. I like the bright notes of citrus, and I’ll take a diuretic wherever I can get it. Right, ankles? *muffled responses from below my socks*


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