Wonderful Wednesday Savings for July 13, 2011

It’s a brat! No! It’s a plantain! No! It’s Bacon Girl!

Well hello there, shopping divas and dudes!

Worried that groceries are getting a little out of hand?

Not sure where to score some righteous prices on items you likely already use?

Never fear, for your Friendly Neighborhood Savings Girl is here. Babababaaaaaa! Able to charge higher than a speeding bullet with a charge card, a mild-mannered citizen is about to spend too much on:

1. Glee Gum. This xylitol-based chewing gum is packed with the kind of power any price-fighter would like to try. You can Buy one, get one free. Link

2. Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs. Ever wish you were an Oscar Meyer weiner? No? Well, at least you won’t spend too much grilling for your super hero sidekicks. Like their Facebook page and receive a coupon for $.75 off of their products. Link

3. Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Oscar Meyer and Nathan fight together in the hot dog league of justice. When you’re not checking out their buns, you can save $1 on Nathan’s all-natural hot dogs simply by liking their page on Facebook. Link

4. Applegate Stadium Hot Dogs. These Earth Friendly hot dogs promise humanely raised meats, no antibiotics, gluten or casein. As a purveyor of justice (and savings) you gotta love that you can save $1 when you buy two packages. Link

5. Shredded Kraft Cheese with a Touch of Philly. I’m not sure how they got someone from Pennsylvania to touch the cheese, but [whispers from off-stage]… Oh. You mean this cheese is infused with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I knew that. My cape was fluttering in my ears. Like their Facebook Page with your power pointer finger and receive $1 off when you buy two. Link

6. Voskos Greek Yogurt. Creamy and thick like justice on your tongue, there’s nothing like a little Greek to complete your hunger-fighting task force. Now you can save $.75 on any Voskos at Kroger Stores. Link

7. Truvia.While there’s little sweeter than the triumphant taste of victory at the checkstand, you can save $.75 on this stevia-based sugar substitute. Link

8. Nature’s Bounty Vitamins and Supplements. On your way to your next press conference with the mayor and the police chief to receive your commendation for cost cutting measures, buy one, get one free on this brand of vitamins at Walgreens. Link

9. Walgreens Nuts. While you’re there, save $1 when you buy two cans of their store brand mixed nuts and cashew pieces. Link

10. Ideal No Calorie Sweetener. Measuring 1:1 in recipes, this is my favorite sugar substitute, and is the one I recommend most for my baking. Why not? Super Savers are sometimes fueled on low-carb gourmet cheesecake. Save $1 when you visit their Facebook page. Link

11. Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat. Protein is the building block of your cost chopping syndicate. Be sure to power up with this healthy sandwich meat. Save $.50 on one. Link

12. Organic Blackberries. This Whole Foods 12 ounce offering gives you antioxidants to spare, something you need when you’re dangling from a third story window to save kittens (note: author of this blog post does not advocate danging from windows to save kittens). Spend only $4.99. Link

Know anything I’ve missed? Be sure to share below and spread the word. Together we can bring America, truth, justice, and some delicious offerings at a great price.

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  1. Roz @ weightingfor50 says

    What a great list. I'm in Canada, so can't partake in some of the deals quite yet, but will be over the border in a few weeks, and will do my normal grocery run, looking out for some of these fun products! Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

  2. Jamie, the Applegate hot dog coupon says only redeemable at Earth Fare stores….. Don't have them in the Philly area that I know of.

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