Wonderful Wednesday Savings for July 19, 2011

Like totally! source

Are the prices in this economy enough to gag you with a spoon?

Not sure where to find, like, excellent deals on items you likely already use?

Like totally get this, because your neighborhood totally tubular Savings Gal is here! Totally rad deals and savings are gnarly on things like:

Shredded Kraft Cheese with a Touch of Philly. Like whateverrrrr on not trying something new every now and then. You can, like, save $1 when you buy two. Link
Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Don’t be such a sosh. Like get out there and save $1 on Nathan’s all-natural hot dogs simply by liking their page on Facebook. For real! Link

True Lemon. It’s like so sweet when you can flavor cheesecakes, teas and more without the sweetener. Like save $1 on any of their True Citrus products. Link

Glee Gum. Bad breath is grodie. Thanks to this xylitol-based chewing gum I might, like, even let you breathe on me. Buy one, get one free. Link 

Planters Nuts at Target. Save $.50 off of any major rad snack item (sans snack size). Link

Truvia. Tubularr! Sweets for the, like, sweets, you know? Save $.75 on this stevia-based sugar substitute. Link

Nature Made Vitamins and Supplements. Don’t be a dweeb. If you’re at Walgreens, and you need, like, supplementing, buy one, get one free on this brand of vitamins at Walgreens. Link

Aldi’s shoppers. Pay only $.89 for Clancy’s Original Pork Rinds. I mean, come on already! Link

Ideal No Calorie Sweetener. OK, For sure on the majorness of this score, these sweetener substitutes are bodacious. Stay sweet, girlfriends, and save $1 when you visit their Facebook page. Link

Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat. Helloooo. Better for you lunch meat. Why not? It’s so excellent! Save $.50 on one. Link

Like omigosh! A free bag of any product at holdthecarbs.com when you buy one. Simply use the code BACON at checkout. Now we can shop! Link

Bed Bath and Beyond tootally sells some of the most righteous kitchen appliances. I just saved a total 20% off on the purchase of my Breville juicer, because I signed up for their emails at this Link.

Like know anything I’ve missed? Be sure to totally share below and like spread the word, you know? Together we can like totally not suck.

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  1. LynnMarie says

    Like that was totally awesome of you to like share and all.

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Like I'm so like glad, you know? Thanks for being so bodacious.

  3. Very good stuff here.
    Like – help me place this pic!
    When Peggy Sue Got Married –
    is the only thing that comes to mind.
    4 days without bacon – and look at me.

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