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Recipe: The do it yourself guide to ghee

Want to sing with glee over ghee? Keep reading. This guest post is from my partner in crime over at While we're not updating the site, we still get ourselves into trouble while wearing bacon knee socks and rocking it hard-core and … [Read more...]

Wise words from Thomas Jefferson

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Product Review: Safest Choice Pasteurized Shell Eggs

To P or not to P? I love smoothies and egg nog, and I like raw eggs in both more than I enjoy adding a protein powder (some of those powders aren't terribly tasty).That said, with the risk of salmonella, it's hard to recommend raw eggs as nourishment … [Read more...]

Product Review: Just the Cheese Chips, Nacho

I never thought I'd live to see the day when I had to give a negative review to anything with cheese in it. I mean, it's cheese, and cheese is life. OK, so I'm from Wisconsin, and doting mothers raised their children on cheese curds, so you have to … [Read more...]

Review: Laura's Lean Beef Italian-Style Meatballs

Laura's Lean Beef with Dreamfields low carb Pasta Since 1985, Laura's Lean Beef has been selling all-natural beef, raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. Now, expanding their product line for harried homemakers working both in and out of the … [Read more...]

Friday Karaoke: Talk Jerky to Me

sourceYou know I neverI never seen you taste so goodYou always dry the way you shouldAnd I like itAnd I know you like it tooThe way that I want youI gotta have youOh yes, I doYou know I neverI never pass the brisket butI'm checking out that … [Read more...]

Sweetened Condensed Milk Substitute from Heavy Cream

You're like, "What woman? Again? Do you have some fixation with sweetened, condensed milk or something?" Three recipes. Three. But, hey. I promised a heavy cream based option sans powders, so I'm delivering. You can love me now. No, really. It's … [Read more...]

Low-carb diets and gall bladder health

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