Mini taco shells and bowls

Mini shells make lunch crispy and fun

These small taco shells are easy to make with just three ingredients. Use them as fun finger foods for the kids or for yourself, for appetizers, lunches or bento! The uses are literally endless. OK, why you can’t use them to patch a tire, fix a bad toupee or make your car’s vinyl rooftop look like new, you can enjoy your lunch while watching others perform those feats.


Mini taco shells and bowls

Cheesy Cheese cracker recipe
cooling racks
mini cupcake pans or shot glasses

Roll the dough into a slightly wider log, about 1.5″ wide. Refrigerate. Bake crackers as directed, but instead of allowing to brown, remove the pan at about 4.5-5 minutes while crackers still look slightly gooey and pliable; let rest on the stove for five minutes.

Keep checking until crackers are solid enough to be handled but not too cool to form. As soon as they can be handled without falling apart (they should still be hot), move with a spatula and form into mini shapes and let cool/dehydrate for a day or so prior to use.

If you have a dehydrator which will accept the shells, pop them in there, or you can try drying shells in the oven for 250 degree Fahrenheit with oven door slightly ajar until shells dry and are crisp (this could take 6-8 hours;  keep checking just in case).

To form shells: Place a metal cooling rack over a mixing bowl. Take slightly cooled crackers and bend over the cooling rack’s metal tines, 2-3 spaces apart, so that the edges are hanging down. This will create a taco shell shape.

To form bowls: Invert slightly cooled crackers over the back side of mini muffin pan bowls or over small shot glasses. This will create small taco bowl shapes.

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  1. I'm not sure I should make these. As a recovering carbholic, I found a new addiction: cheese, especially if it's melted into crisps (parmesan crisps, cheddar crisps, etc.). Maybe the flax seeds in the crackers/shells slow you down from stuffing a trayful in your mouth?

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I once made the unfortunate mistake of eating more than a handful at a time and regretted that decision later. It's a mistake you make once! :^X

  3. oh i can’t wait to try this!

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