Review: Laura's Lean Beef Italian-Style Meatballs

Laura’s Lean Beef with Dreamfields low carb Pasta

Since 1985, Laura’s Lean Beef has been selling all-natural beef, raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. Now, expanding their product line for harried homemakers working both in and out of the house, Laura’s is launching their most terrific, pre-made, product yet: Italian-Style Meatballs.

It’s not always easy to make meatballs for those hurried meals, and Laura’s is helping, by offering quality ingredients for families making healthier choices. And because at Laura’s cattle are fed grass and finished with grains, without animal by-products, they’re never given antibiotics or added growth hormones. I can’t stress this enough– and the one splurge I have always made, even in tough economic times–and continue to make–is her ground beef. It’s that good.

So imagine that same ground beef forming each beautifully made 2″ diameter ball, uniform and sexy, with hints of delicious spices peeking out from every delicious angle of each meaty little love dumpling. And because product’s bag is re-sealable, the product is even easier to use. Just grab what you need and keep the rest stored, frozen.

Ingredients are simple: Beef, Bread Crumbs, Water, Pasteurized Whole Eggs, Romano Cheese, Salt, Parsley, Spices, Garlic. Dense and filling, a servings of three of these fully-cooked time savers comes in at only 160 calories and 5 net carbs. Directions on the packaging make preparation even easier. I was able to empty the contents into homemade, delicious marinara, and the sauce cooked these meatballs to hot perfection.

Am I a fan? Absolutely. I’ve been purchasing Laura’s Lean Ground Beef for nearly a decade (my fridge is stocked now), and even though I make my own meatballs much of the time, I have to admit, it’s pretty sexy having an alternative that goes straight from freezer to the oven to our plates in short order.

In your grocer’s freezer case

I know wheat is an issue with many celiacs, but for those without an intolerance, and who tend to use products with scant amounts of wheat, this product delivers amazing flavor and use without a lot of fuss.

Update: I found out this product is currently being launched. You’ll find it first in Super Targets across the country, and the product will then be more widely distributed this fall. Store Locator

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Laura’s Lean Beef Italian-Style Meatballs
Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Price: $5.99 for 12 oz package
Usefulness: In any dish you’d use meatballs
Negative: Contains wheat
Found: Store locator
Website: Lauras Lean Beef

Disclosure: This product was provided free of charge for review, but has not affected my opinion of the stuff.

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