Review: Simply Lite 45% Cacao Bar: Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Sugar-free, low carb chocolate. Also essentially nut-free.

Simply Lite is a new player to the field of health-conscious chocolates. Promising no sugar, gluten free and no transfats in an attractive wrap, this 3 ounce bar lives up to its quote: Fine chocolates for the health and calorie conscious.

The ingredients are beautifully simple: Maltitol, Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, almonds, inulin, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor and cinnamon.

Maltitol here is an unfortunate addition, especially as the first ingredient, but its curse is also a blessing in its serving size, since the laxative effect is sure to keep you honest or glued to the water closet for a portion of the day.

Servings size here for a modest 3 ounce bar is less than an ounce (3.5 servings per bar) for 2 net carbs after subtracting for the 2g fiber and 9g maltitol.

The flavor is sweet and mild, fruity with a slightly nutty finish. The bummer? With only a scant few almonds in each bar, your luck at hitting a nut in your serving is pretty much hit or miss. If you’re looking for a chocolate/almond experience, you might look for cocoa dusted nuts instead and skip the maltitol.

Rating: ♥♥
Price:  $2.29 for 3 oz package
Usefulness: Cooking, baking, snacking
Negative: Maltitol. Nuts taste a bit stale and are scant.
Found at: Local major shopping/store chains through this Store Locator and online
Website: Simply Lite

Disclosure: This product was not provided to me for review and hasn’t affected what I think of the stuff.
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  1. Laura Moncur says

    So, if you don't believe in net carbs, each serving has 13g of carbs. For a total of over 40 carbs for the bar?

    Is my calculation correct or did I read it wrong?

    Might as well eat "real" chocolate. Less carbs in a Cadbury Flake bar and you get to eat the whole thing.

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