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Albertson's Fan Share Winners

Thank you so much for entering to win one of two $25 Albertson's Gift Cards!The winners are... *drumming on my knee for effect*Carole and Lydia!I have sent you emails with instructions. Congratulations, ladies.Nosh on in health! … [Read more...]

Key Lime Bars

I love lemon, but limes tend to get overlooked. We all love key lime pie, so why not a little bit of lime lovin' to a dessert? Granted, to technically make these Key Lime bars, you'd want to use Key Limes. I think I ended up with non-Key Limes, but … [Read more...]

Beating mindless eating

Today's guest post about mindless eating (we've all fallen prey to that one before) comes from Danae Matthews, a 20-something living and loving in San Francisco. She writes for on-line women’s health resource Women’s Health Base. About two months … [Read more...]

Preparing college students for healthy grocery shopping

Hands-on learning is an important lesson for young adults learning to live on their own in an uncertain world filled with clever (sometimes deceptive) labeling, limited time and often meager resources. Companies like Albertsons and the internet make … [Read more...]

My Cauliflower Recipe is now on Glamour and Lauren Conrad’s sites!

It's always so exciting to see where my recipes will go next. Via the blog Eat.Drink.Smile, my cauliflower pizza recipe has now spread its wings and is gracing some pretty amazing websites! It's nice for mama to see her babies fly... Glamour … [Read more...]

Vanilla Ice Cream

Of all of the products I've tried in terms of sweet from LCFood Corp, I was really excited to share this one, because as far as sweets go, this is definitely our favorite as a family. Just look at this lusciousness. It's OK. I'll wait. … [Read more...]

Product review: LC-Blackberry Preserves

One of the things I love about LC-Blackberry Preserves is that there's just not enough blackberry anything around-- and preserves are no exception.With its already borderline sweet/tart flavor, the sucralose sweetened preserves are about what one … [Read more...]

Product Review: Homestyles Chicken Chili with Beans

One of the sentiments LC Homestyles shares on the back of each other shelf-stable chili boxes is that these "portable portions evoke "made from scratch" memories while you maintain your nutritional committments." They weren't engaging in … [Read more...]

Product Review: Homestyles Beef Chili with Beans

Seriously intriguingly good chiliI'm not going to lie. When my hazel-hued eye orbs made contact with Homestyles  Beef Chili with Beans, two things immediately jumped out at me. That golden, sun yellow, fun, yellow, heavy box of ready-to-serve … [Read more...]

Soy Candle Fan Share Winner!

Congratulations to Tiffany! Your candle will ship shortly and burn longly (I bought two and have been smelling the heck out of them ever since they arrived). Thank you, again, to Folksy Art Candles for  your generosity! … [Read more...]

S’Mores Bars

In the famous words of that lovable scamp Oliver Twist, "Please, sir; Can I have s'mores?" What do you mean that's not what he said? While I'm letting your obvious lack of knowledge regarding Dickens' revised classics slide, when LC Foods said … [Read more...]

Product Review: LC-Strawberry Preserves

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... wait. Wrong chant.OK, let's face it; there's just not that much one can say about preserves that hasn't been said before. They're red. And they're jam. They're red jam. They're jam wot is red. So when I … [Read more...]

Product review: Sunbutter Natural Sunflower Seed Spread

Looking to lose the legumes? Pitch the peanuts? Toss the tree nuts? Alleviate the allergies? Sunbutter Natural's seedy little Sunflower Spread could be what's missing from your kitchen. The ingredients, Ingrid? Simple, Simon: Sunflower Seed, … [Read more...]

Klondike Style Ice Cream Bars

Oh, nuh uh, I di'unt! Oh yes, I di'ud! I could talk more, but you have eating to do. … [Read more...]

Product Review: Folksy Art Soy Candles

With so many people averse to soy products due to food intolerances (soy ranks up there as one of the top 8 food allergy offenders), there's generally concern when anything soy-based enters into the home, especially in a food container. Enter … [Read more...]