My Cauliflower Recipe is now on Glamour and Lauren Conrad’s sites!

It’s always so exciting to see where my recipes will go next.

Via the blog Eat.Drink.Smile, my cauliflower pizza recipe has now spread its wings and is gracing some pretty amazing websites! It’s nice for mama to see her babies fly…

Glamour Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Lauren Conrad’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust

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  1. Jamie honey,,
    This is not a surprise to me. as you know I am with you all the way… and this early AM.. when I seen this I WAS SO HAPPY AND PROUD FOR YOU..
    Way to go… Kiddo
    Huggs and have a super weekend
    This ole Nana is in the hospital with Bad low blood from this round of chemo.. but getting better..
    Good part is I have found 1 nurse and 1 housekeeper doing Low Carb and they have joined my Low Carb Mailing list..SO..keep up the good work honey.. as I share with my bunch all you do………..and give the credit you you my pretty, young.. dear,, Sweetie…
    Nana Sheila

  2. Pat @ Elegantly GF says

    …and your pizza crust looks pretty awesome there, too!

  3. Carole Medley says

    Congratulations, Cleo. I personally love your cauli crust recipe and I make it often. My youngest son asked for it for his birthday dinner and he isn't even a low-carber. I think this week I'll make the crust as cheesy breadsticks as you recommend.

  4. This recipe is awesome. My wife and I love pizza but have missed out on this treat since I have been on my low carb diet. Now, thanks to you, we can once again enjoy this treat.
    I saw an earlier post asking if you could make ahead and store. I did this and used a non- stick skillet to warm and crisp up the crust prior to putting on the toppings and sticking under the broiler to finish it off. This works great.
    Thanks again for the great recipe.
    PS: love the Oopsie Rolls. I can have sandwiches again.

  5. Congratulations! I love this recipe so much – I topp it with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatos, and fresh basil with a dash of dried oregano. Perfection! Thanks for posting it and your blog is awesome.

  6. Your pizza will always be in the blog of our hearts!

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