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On the up and up: The exercise game changer

In baseball, Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing radical strategies and statistics that flew in the face of conventional wisdom was the game changer in the Sony film … [Read more...]

Hello, Something Awful forum hotties and friends

Thanks so much for visiting, you sexy beasts and beastesses. I see you there and have peeked in, but now the forum wants money (I totally understand server costs), so, being the cheap nerd that I am, I am cut off from taking in your magnanimousness … [Read more...]

Mountain High Mud Pie

Can't talk. Too busy eating. OK. I have wiped my fingers and have deposited my plate into the sink. Where to begin... … [Read more...]

Making healthier drink choices

Frappuccinos at home  recipe It’s hard kicking the habit of drinking soda. I know; I’ve tried it. After a 24-year addiction to delicious diet beverages, I finally walked away. Why? Because, despite my absolute love and need for the fizzy, … [Read more...]

Recipes: Did they make the cut or taste like butt?

OK, so maybe that's a little bit harsh for a title, but there are just some ideas in my brain that don't lend themselves well to actual, edible foodstuffs. I mean, we all try, right? Sometimes trying just isn't good enough when you're talking about … [Read more...]

Reasons to Love Labor Day

The holiday season is about to kick off, and with it, those oh-so-delectable temptations. As we launch with Labor Day weekend, keep these four things in mind for no-guilt goodness: … [Read more...]