Product Review: Folksy Art Soy Candles

With so many people averse to soy products due to food intolerances (soy ranks up there as one of the top 8 food allergy offenders), there’s generally concern when anything soy-based enters into the home, especially in a food container.

Enter low-carber April Harres and her Folky Art Candles, a soy-based local candle making company in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains since 1999.Hand-made by April and her husband, this family operation is burning the candle at both ends (oh, yes I punned).

So why soy?

1. It’s clean burning. Unlike paraffin, soy doesn’t throw off black soot.

2. It’s cost effective. Soy candles burn markedly longer and cooler than paraffin.

3. It smells better. Soy, as a medium, throws off an amazing, clean fragrance over paraffin.

4. It’s cleaner. Soy is easy to clean with soap and water. That and lack of dye makes for little to no staining.

5. It’s good for farmers. Soy candles keep farmers in business.

6. It’s naturally sustainable. Paraffin for candles is often manufactured as a by-product of kerosine and petroleum production.

Did you know? A candle maker is traditionally known as a “chandler.”

I was sold on soy candles years ago when a Cub Scout mom working in a small soy candle business would gift some to occasionally to my husband who was the den leader. These delightfully scented, clean candles were the most amazing candles ever.

Since then, I’d been on the lookout for these candles, but to no avail. To find a company that’s not only based in Colorado, but a friend, fellow low carb enthusiast, and even a reader of Your Lighter Side makes it even better. Check out their cute site and enjoy flat rate shipping for any of your favorite scents in a generous, 16 ounce jar (I just bought marzipan and vanilla).

I adore the candles I purchased. The scent is absolutely as wonderful, rich and aromatic as I had hoped for. When the kids came home, they were positive I had been baking all day. And with fall coming, there’s something warming about the sight of a small flame, flickering to light the darkening days with whispers of marzipan and vanilla.

What’s better than soy candles? How about winning one for yourself?

Ready to enjoy some amazing-scented soy joy in your own home?

Entering is so easy! To enter this fan share, simply:

1. Subscribe to this blog to receive the latest events through feedburner (the right column); Then,

2. Share this site with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to help spread the message of healthy eating with an attitude; Then, and finally,

3. Email with the title “Boy O Boy Soy!” by this Thursday night (September 15th, 2011) at midnight. Please include your shipping address so that I can immediately give your information to Folky Art Candles for shipment. The winner will be randomly drawn Friday morning. Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions, we can only ship to a winner in the continental United States.

The winner will be shipped a generously huge, 16 ounce Pumpkin Muffin* scented candle shipped right to your door, a $20 value! Says April:

Pumpkin Muffin ~ This yummy Fall fragrance begins with top notes of
creamy pumpkin, middle notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg; and
finishes with base notes of raisin, walnut, and vanilla.  This 16 oz
jar candle is made with 100% clean burning soy wax, scented to the
absolute maximum, and hand poured into a thick glass mason jar. This
candle features a hand applied reproduction antique label, and is
finished with a black velvet ribbon and black metal lid.

Please read this to learn how I don’t use or sell your personal information and how I delete every email immediately after the drawing. I treat your information the way I want my child’s treated–with respect.

* or other available scent at the time of the drawing’s conclusion 

The products reviewed were purchased by this author and have no bearing on the review. Nor does the contest giveaway have any bearing on the review. Products were reviewed based on actual use and review by this author. 

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  1. Cool !

  2. Amethyst Phoenyx says

    I entered all three ways thank you so much for this I would love a pumpkin soy candle.

  3. Thanks for pointing us to these great candles – they all sound so yummy!

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