Product Review: Homestyles Beef Chili with Beans

Seriously intriguingly good chili

I’m not going to lie. When my hazel-hued eye orbs made contact with Homestyles  Beef Chili with Beans, two things immediately jumped out at me. That golden, sun yellow, fun, yellow, heavy box of ready-to-serve beef chili looked a little too good to be true: First, how in the heck can something with that much meat be shelf stable, and secondly, how’s a shelf-stable, beef-based chili going to taste?

A quick peek at the label (picture below) and I was surprised to see that nothing in terms of ingredients jumped out at me and shrieked scary thoughts as a shelf-stable meat product–at least not what I’m accustomed to seeing in terms of polysyllabic latinates. From tomato puree, to ground and diced beef, to black soybeans, green pepper, textured vegetable protein (soy), and spices (and a small amount of oat product), the product is about what the average low carber would produce in their own kitchens. Pretty legit.

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But, again. How does it taste?

With black soybeans playing the part of the starchier black beans, Homestyles chili was surprisingly delicious, and precisely what one might expect from a quality, commercial chili. Spicy, with notes of chili powder, cumin, pepper, and nightshades, the chili is thick, filled with both ground beef and chunks of beef that promise (and deliver) terrific texture and flavor. And again, I say–from a shelf stable product.

Look at this gorgeousness

David, from Homestyles, even had this to say: The unique packaging is done in a highly sophisticated USDA-inspected plant in Oregon.  They really helped us deliver this recipe with all the goodness we could imagine. Nice!

And at only 4 net carbs for each ample, 10 ounce serving, and at less than $3, this is definitely a more economical choice in terms of travel for business, camping, work or for school–and especially since it’s shelf stable.

To serve, microwave by lifting one corner of the plastic flap and allow to cool slightly; or, if you’re at home, pour contents into a pot, heat and serve. Heck, you could eat it at room temperature, right out of the box, which makes it perfect for transporting places you don’t have access to a refrigerator.

And because the flavors and textures are so spot on, there’s no reason to tell the kids they’re eating something low carb, is there? Didn’t think so. They’ll never notice.

Homestyles Beef Chili with Beans
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price$2.69 10 oz. container
Bonuses: Only 4 net carbs, 250 calories, shelf stable, meat and chili have great texture and taste
Usefulness: For travel, work, school lunches, camping, anywhere refrigeration isn’t an option
Negative: Contains soy, for those with an aversion, and a wee bit of oat product
Found: Store Locator
Website: Link

Disclosure: This product was not provided free of charge for review, and has not affected my opinion of the stuff. 

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  1. But its filled with SOYYYYYYYYY, oh well, I guess nothing is perfect.

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I have to say, though, if you're not allergic to soy, you won't even know it's in here. The beans are phenomenal! I was always paranoid about black soy beans tasting like tofu. Life is too short for tofu, unless it's made from bacon.

  3. I LOVE this product. I haven't made l.carb cornbread t/eat with it yet (shame!).

    I have one pkg sitting in my pantry and will be ordering more this weekend! I didn't think I'd care for it (mainly bcs of the soy beans) but like you wrote, you won't even know it's in here.

    P.S: I tried them on the review of another blogger – i totally agree with the 5 star (heart)!!

  4. I also use it as a dip. I spread a little cream cheese on a plate, spoon some of this chili on top and cover in CHEESE. Microwave till bubbly and enjoy!! Use celery, zuchinni, or low carb crackers to dip. Extra special!

  5. grannymumantoog says

    I love this product. I've been using it since it first appeared at Netrition (a couple years)! I always have 3 or 4 in my pantry and have served it for lunch when someone came by unexpectedly at lunch time. Everyone always loves it. I usually sprinkle a bit of shredded cheddar on top. Yum! It's so nice that there is actually 1!!! that's one!!! convenience product that we low carbers can enjoy once in a while. They make a new chicken chili now which is just as good.

    To those concerned with all the hype about processed soy. Soy beans and processed soy products are not the same. As far as I can tell from all the reports I've read, it's what happens in the processing that creates a lot of the issues that some people have. Edemame (green soy beans) and black soy beans (I use Eden organic Black Soy Beans) are a useful addition to my diet since they have a lot of protein & fiber and are low in carbs. If someone is allergic, that's a different story, but billions of Asian people eating them for thousands of years must know something.
    Just MHO 🙂

    Even though my freezer is well stocked with my own "convenience foods" that I've made in large quantities & frozen in smaller portions, I'm just glad to have something that I don't have to prepare & cook once in a while!!

  6. I bought some of this based on your review. It was a good choice. Thank you! I will have to make up some oopsie hot dog buns and have myself a coney with some of it sometime…. oh me, oh my….. That last bit should definitely be read as George Takei. 😀

  7. Your Lighter Side says

    I :heart: George Takei.

    I am glad you love the chili! I know it is a favorite around here.

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