Product Review: Homestyles Chicken Chili with Beans

One of the sentiments LC Homestyles shares on the back of each other shelf-stable chili boxes is that these “portable portions evoke “made from scratch” memories while you maintain your nutritional committments.”

They weren’t engaging in facetiousness or hyperbole when they made that statement. Says David from LC Homestyles: The unique packaging is done in a highly sophisticated USDA-inspected plant in Oregon.  They really helped us deliver this recipe with all the goodness we could imagine. That’s the kind of thing I like to hear.

Homestyles Chicken Chili with Beans is a terrifically low calorie, low carbohydrate product that’s incredibly easy to use and delicious. Healthier than many of the school lunches I’ve seen recently and delicious, even at room temperature, it’s intrinsic to fall in massive, full-on like with this product.

Ingredients are surprisingly not what one expects from a shelf-stable meat product: Water, black soybeans, cooked chicken breast with rib meat, tomatoes in juice, celery, green peppers, red peppers, soy protein concentrate, spices, isolated oat product, and torula yeast.

Let me lead with this: I am a skeptic of poultry in chili, because, (to me, anyway) the product is going to be lower fat, and an obviously different texture than beef delivers (and to which I’m accustomed).  As such, I wasn’t as thrilled with chicken in my chili. Is this a downfall of the product? No. I just don’t like chicken, and especially not in my chili. To me, beef is what belongs with the cumin cacophany of delectable beans and fabulousness. I enjoyed this chili, but my heart was still thinking about their Beef Chili with Beans I’d formed a love affair with earlier.

That said, the chicken was terrific, moist, juicy and fantastic as the protein in the dish. I would recommend this to anyone who’s watching their calories and fat and who like chicken.

Black soybeans play a very believable role as the replacement for carbier black beans, and I’d actually like to say here that even though I am generally not a fan of soy, I really enjoyed the texture and flavor of these beans better than most beans I find in chili, red or black.

If you need to grab and go, Homestyles chili is reasonably priced, extremely filling, and packed with the kind of flavor punch you’ve been dreaming of from a commercial chili. They really mean it when they promise “made from scratch” memories.

Homestyles Chicken Chili with Beans
Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Price$2.69 10 oz. container
Bonuses: Only 5 net carbs, 200 calories, shelf stable, meat and chili have believable texture and taste
Usefulness: For travel, work, school lunches, camping, anywhere refrigeration isn’t an option
Negative: Contains soy, a wee bit of oat product, and rice starch
Found: Store Locator
Website: Link

Disclosure: This product was not provided free of charge for review, and has not affected my opinion of the stuff. 

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  1. The soy is a deal breaker for me … I already have thyroid issues. *sigh*

  2. Like you, I believe that chili should be made with beef (I AM a Texaqn after all) and sausage with pork. However, in the interests of trying to go a little light on the calories, I'm experimenting with chicken products. Might just try this. Some of the chicken sausage I've found so far was palatable (note: SOME).

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