Product Review: LC-Strawberry Preserves

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… wait. Wrong chant.

OK, let’s face it; there’s just not that much one can say about preserves that hasn’t been said before. They’re red. And they’re jam. They’re red jam. They’re jam wot is red. So when I tried LC-Strawberry Preserves, I was expecting the store-bought sucralose-sweetened norm. What I saw and tasted was slightly different–which could be both good… and a little bad.

The ingredients are fairly simple: Strawberries, water, pectin, lemon juice, sucralose, preservatives (potassium sorbate, fumaric acid, calcium citrate, sodium benzoate), maltodextrin.

Flavorwise, I’m just not quite as thrilled as I want to be. I know I’m a super taster so maybe, for me, this strawberry preserve is a little bit more tart than I’m used to for a strawberry jam (probably due to the necessary addition of lemon juice to preserve the color). Strawberry jams tend to be pretty sweet, and this one really isn’t. And maybe that’s a good thing, when you think about it. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to re-think what sweet really should be. Still, somehow the flavor isn’t quite there for me at this point of my gastronomic journey.

In terms of appearance, the color’s also a little different than I’m accustomed to in a commercial strawberry jam. Again, while it’s probably not fair to compare the bright red hues of store bought jam to this one, my family had a harder time with the darkish, more purple hue of these preserves.

In terms of nutrition, this product is definitely a decent rival to what’s available in local supermarkets. And it’s hard to complain about 1 net carb per Tbsp.

It’s so nice to be able to find a preserve out there that is both sugar free and supports the low carb/diabetic community as LC-Foods does. Still, for my tastes, color me a fan of blackberry and notsomuch the strawberry. This one just wasn’t quite right.

LC-Strawberry Preserves
Rating: ♥♥
Price: $7.98 per 16 ounce jar
Usefulness: In any raw or cooked application where preserves are preferred used
Positives: Very low carb
Negative: The color and flavors aren’t what one expects from a strawberry jam
Product Website: Link
Coupon: Mention “bacon” at checkout for a free bag of any of their qualifying products.

Disclosure: This product was provided free of charge for review by a site sponsor, but has not affected my opinion of the stuff.

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