Klondike Style Ice Cream Bars

Oh, nuh uh, I di’unt!

Oh yes, I di’ud! I could talk more, but you have eating to do.

Oh, a few things first: Below is the mold I used to make the ice cream treats. They can also be used for making cookies, oopsie rolls, minute muffins, you name it! You could use other molds, but silicon is  really easy to pop items out of, especially when frozen. Don’t have a mold? No worries. You can still make molded ice cream magic by using small, freezer-worthy bowls or cups. Just scoop softened ice cream in, smooth, let freeze, and when ready to use, place each bowl or cup into warm water for 20 seconds– just enough to loosen the ice cream.
Silicon ice cream mold

My favorite fudge sauce for the dipping is honestly the LC-Chocolate Fudge Sauce. It so fantastically (I can’t emphasize this enough) maltitol and has amazing, believable flavor and texture, so I used this as my coating. If you don’t have this sauce at home, you can use my chocolate sauce recipe (also a winner. Also sans maltitol).

The chopped candies I used are Sugar-Free Turtles, sweetened with Erythritol (edited to add: and unfortunately maltitol. Thanks to my eagle-eye friend Donna for the catch). Of course, you could coat with chopped nuts, unsweetened coconut, you name it!

Ready for the fun? Let’s do it!

These are super-cute and delicious

I did it for a Klondike Bar
LC-Ice cream mix in desired flavor(s)
Sugar-Free Fudge Sauce
Optional: chopped nuts, sugar free candy

1. Prepare ice cream according to my easy recipe. No ice cube trays or ice cream maker needed. Allow ice cream to settle in the freezer for an hour, covered, checking every hour to stir and check consistency.You want the ice cream at a frozen yogurt (semi solid) consistency.

2. Set round silicon or bar form (or in other form) on a pan for stability (if using bowls/cups, a jelly roll pan makes for easy in-and-out from the freezer with one lift). Spoon ice cream into molds, using a spatula to remove bubbles by lightly tapping ice cream and flattening to the surface. Place in the freezer for 2-4 hours, covered.

3. Prepare chocolate fudge sauce. Dip ice cream in room temp or slightly/minimally warmed sauce. Sprinkle with chopped nuts, coconut, or chopped, sugar free candy. If the chocolate tries to slide off of the ice cream, allow it to harden slightly and use a knife to spread the coating for coverage.

Serve right away or keep frozen until serving. To store, keep desserts in the freezer, lightly wrapped in wax paper.

One ice cream packet makes roughly 12 ice cream bars.

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  1. Ok this just sounds too good to be true? Will have to try it over the weekend. Thanks.

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    It was such a hit, the kids snarfed the entire thing. Thankfully, no maltitol was used. :^X

  3. how to take the ice cream out of the mold?

    • If the mold is silicon, it should press right out. If you are using a solid mold, place the pan in a very shallow (1″ or less) pan or sink of warm water to loosen slightly.

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