Recipes: Did they make the cut or taste like butt?

OK, so maybe that’s a little bit harsh for a title, but there are just some ideas in my brain that don’t lend themselves well to actual, edible foodstuffs. I mean, we all try, right? Sometimes trying just isn’t good enough when you’re talking about things you want to put into your face and chew. That said, I can’t always tell what’s hot and what tastes like snot just from an image. Can you?

That said, can you tell which recipes tasted amazing, and which would amount to a sorority hazing?

1. So how about these bon bons? Did they make the grade?

Bzzzt! No. A nice idea turned into a bad execution when I decided to try coating hamburger meatballs in a ganache to see what they’d taste like. Proof that two great tastes do NOT go together, this is definitely a case of bon-bons… gone wrong-wrong.

2. Bread, the staff of life. Was this loaf love?

You might have one life to live, but in this case, it was the case of no loaf to love. The bread, while ready for its close-up, Mr. Demille, was absolutely horrible. Sometimes it’s really difficult to nail the perfect bread. And other times, you want to use it to nail in roofing brads.

3. Beet juice. That’s right. I said beet juice.

While the concoction looks like something Edward Cullen would snarf down for a morning get-up-and-go drink, this juice was surprisingly terrific. Beets here were combined with celery, green peppers and carrots for a healthy vegetable drink I actually enjoyed.

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  1. LOL! Beef bon bons!?! Did you really? Well, I guess you had to try!! Cause otherwise, you'd never know, would ya?!

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    I swear I totally did. And they were… erm… well… But, as you said so wisely, how would you know unless you tried it?

  3. Meat bon bons? How does your brain work? Thanks for the heads up I will not make any meat bon bons.

  4. Makes me feel a bit better about some of my concoctions….lol. Glad you at least tried it…lol. Know we know and don't have to try it for ourselves.

  5. RedHeadedQuilter says

    So did you post the recipe for beet juice? A co-worker gave me beets from his garden, and I have the other ingredients, so I'm ready to go! (Um, except for not having the recipe, that is.)

  6. When we were at the Low-Carb get together a few weeks back. I asked Dana C. about failures in the kitchen and she said "Yvonne, do you think all my recipes in the cookbooks come out perfectly at first?" LOL So yes, I've had some disgusting things come out of the kitchen, but as I try and try again, I get some goodies!

  7. The Low Carb Mom says

    Well the meat bon bons did not work, but I wonder if bacon bon bons would. People do melt dark chocolate over bacon, after all.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  8. Yeah, I'm curious about the bacon bon bons, too! Anne H (carbtripper) made some bacon with a brown sugar (splenda blend) glaze. Looks great and as soon as I am out of induction, I am gonna try it!!

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