And this is 800*

If you asked me if I ever thought I’d reach 800 posts, I might have laughed and told you to put down the funny cigarettes. And yet, here I am teetering on the post of yet another century of new content.

Eight hundred posts.*

Ask my family if I could talk this much and they’ll laugh nervously while trying not to make eye contact. They know me. They also know to speak would be folly. And it’s not that I don’t embrace a little folly from time to time… they just know my revenge is slow and sweet, and is usually accompanied by a prank consisting of cardboard farm animals, a sock, and a stuffed crab named Maynard.

So, as you can plainly see, my content is largely food. I cook and I talk. I talk and I cook. I sometimes do both at the same time, which is how I end up with mistake recipes like Oopsie rolls. Are you surprised the majority of the content is cooking? I am. I never used to like to cook. In fact, when I started this blog over four years ago, I did it because I wanted a place to speak my mind about things without getting into trouble.

Now, I talk a lot about bacon, but you don’t see a topic for bacon, because it is so frequent, it would probably surpass Health and Fitness and make those categories mad. They might even go on strike.

Thankfully, they have behaved themselves and stay in the margins for now [thank you, fitness and health]. I am still careful, though, because it is better to not tempt fate and cause an uprising. As it is, there is already some intense tension between casseroles and sauces. And Halloween isn’t even speaking with Cinco de Mayo since the trick chewing gum incident of 2009.

*Well, OK. It is really 801 now.

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  1. Congrats! And Happy 800th!
    I have that exact same pair of sparkly leg warmers.
    Small world, eh?

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