Fan Share: Avery Sticky Notes Winners

One of the many ways to use see-through Sticky Notes

I made my husband work in the shower by drawing two random names, and here you are:

Congratulations to Kris and Yvonne!

Your Avery Sticky Notes will be out shortly. Yay!

Thanks so much everyone for entering and for sharing your ideas to make Your Lighter Side even better.

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  1. Congrats to the winners!! YAY! Pass the bacon!

  2. Yippee! Can't wait to get them! And only YOU would make your husband work while he's in the shower! ;0) Thanks again!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  3. Woohoo to the winners, indeed! Thanks for your cheer, Pat!

    I totally made him work, Kris! OK. Well, not too hard.

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