Fun Low Carb Halloween Ideas

Seriously, it’s almost a crime to use the words “Halloween” and “fun” in the same title because it’s so redundant. I absolutely love goofing around, and holidays are no exception. I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve had my house decorated since September. So why leave your food out of the fun? Gluten free, low carbohydrate choices are right in front of you, sure to be both tricks (because they’re such treats).

Starting out the day, it’s a blast to treat the kids to a few tricks of your own in the kitchen. On top of a sunny side up yolk, I carefully affixed nori (seaweed) shapes. See the cute pumpkin face? To the other egg (below) I added a black cat sitting in front of a yellow, autumn egg yolk of a moon.

After the egg cooks, you notice that the cat now sits in front of a winter scene. This is a great way to teach kids about the changing of the seasons using egg science. I mean, why not? Plus you get to keep making faces on your breakfast.

It’s time for snacks! Bring on the franken-celery! If you want to give him funny hair, leave the green leaves on the top. I should have done that, but I was having far too much fun piping these cut pieces of celery with guacamole and adorning them with little faces. These are cute enough to eat and won’t scare the wee ones in the process.

Mini pizzas are another way to integrate the fun, small faces for your kids. Whether served as appetizers or mini meals, these opopsie roll crusts make the perfect, breadless crust to scare away any mentions of gluten-based crusts. Recipe Here

For the hard-core pizza fans in the house, be sure to make up this amazingly cute and delicious zucchini crust Halloween pizza. It’s so delicious, we snarf it down with frightful ease, but feel the warm, happy feelings of a belly filled with yummy pumpkin face. Recipe Here

Time for dessert! What’s better than making your own Gelatin Wigglers from a little-utilized item in your cupboard: tea? Filled with antioxidants, these yummy flavors (with a little added sweetener) make for a fun finger grab of goodness. Recipe Here

It’s time to bring out the night–Nightshades, that is. Carved like pumpkins, these hold tea lights and glow gorgeously in your kitchen while you enjoy the chill fall breezes and the leaves changing color. The color of falling leaves, they lend a cheery hue to your buffet table. Simply chop for your favorite dishes (like my cream of bacon mushroom soup recipe) or Creepy Stuffed Peepers (hamburger/cauli stuffed, baked peppers) and thrill your boo crew with a healthy, fun dinner.

Remember to keep it healthy, stealthy and fun this holiday season!

Happy Halloween!

Your Lighter Side

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    Awesome yumminess, Jamie! Great pics, too.

  2. Cooooool, ghoul!
    Love your tricked-out site!

  3. this is all so cute! Thanks for sharing!!! Now I wish I'd planned something fun….

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