Product Review: Avery See-Through Sticky Notes, and a chance to win

Avery See-Through Sticky Notes are the snazzles because these little Day-glo dainties are the kind you can see through, which makes all sorts of tasks suddenly so much more fun!

Because they work well with ink pens, pencils and permanent markers, you can use them to remind yourself of important things… like not to eat on your favorite holiday of sin:

Or, why your kid has no socks….

Or, make the best use of calculators technology ever.

It’s super to use these fun, 3″ x3″ sheets of vellum-like plastic for making notes in cookbooks when you can’t bear to write on the pages, or adding margin questions in school texts and library books when you can’t afford the fines, or for marking questions on tax forms when you have questions. I use them for that, too.

In short, these small stacks of brightness make notations more fun, and without cluttering the page. I also love how fine tip pens remain fine and don’t smudge, keeping my notes clean.

My only beef with these? Truly picky, really. It can be tricky to pull off only one of the mini sheets at a time from the stack if you’re not careful, and while you can stick them back on the pad, I really am supremely anal about only removing one at a time if I can’t line the note back beautifully. (I’m like that with facial tissues, too).

Also, be sure to test surfaces prior to sticking. Older, thinner, sheets of paper in books or on forms might rip, or the adhesive could remove some of the ink, so don’t get overly caffeinated and apply and then rip the sticky note from the page without a little bit of caution (that could go for amny sticky notes, though).

Tip: To get more from your stickies, cut them in half or thirds, leaving some sticky for each mini sheet and you can make bookmarks or document flags that won’t cover up content.

I love these clear stickies, and I’ll definitely buy more for filling out forms, especially where I am often confused by the mathy stuff tax people ask me (leave me alone, mathy accountant tax people!). I also love adding them to my desk calendar, since they call attention to special days and notes I have to add (and allow me to doodle when I’m talking on the phone).

Avery See-Through Sticky Notes
Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Bonuses: Makes notation in books and on forms fun, bright and easy
Usefulness: For cook books, tax forms, surfaces that can handle sticky notes
Negative: Could lift ink or hurt the page if you’re using on thinner paper. Test areas first.
Found: Check your product of choice and enter your zip code: Link Website: Link

Disclosure: This product was not provided free of charge for review, and has not affected my opinion of the stuff.  

Want to win 100,000 Box Tops for your school?

The “Avery® Sticky Notes Mark the Spot” sweepstakes launches on October 3, 2011.
Twenty-thousand people who register for the sweepstakes will randomly be selected to win a FREE pack of Avery® See-Through Sticky Notes. Five of those winners will be randomly selected to receive 100,000 Box Tops coupons (valued at $10,000) that will be ap

plied to a school of their choice. The selected schools of the “Avery® Sticky Notes Mark the Spot” promotion will be presented with credit for the 100,000 Box Tops for Education®.

All anyone has to do is go to the Avery Facebook page ( and sign up to win a free pack of Sticky Notes and then choose the school you’d like the money to go to should they win. Pretty simple and it’s a great cause! 20,000 will also have the chance to win a pack of See-Through Sticky Notes by Avery.

Imagine what you can do with Avery Sticky Notes and what schools can do with ½ Million Box Tops coupons!

Want to win some sticky notes of your own?

Two lucky winners will get to try these See-Through Sticky Notes free!

To enter: US residents:

1. Please email with the email title “Stuck on you”
2. In the body, please list something you like to see on Your Lighter Side that you’d like to see more of.
3. Enter by Thursday at midnight, PST.

Two winners will be chosen and announced Friday morning from all qualifying entries(you will then provide me with your mailing address that I can send to the folks at Avery to send your prizes)! Entering doesn’t mean your email is ever used again, sold, or kept. Your suggestions are private and appreciated.

That’s it!

Now to play with more sticky notes…

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  1. You are soooo right! These are really terrific. If I didn't see your ideas on how to use them, I probably never would have bought these. Thanks so much!

  2. Your Lighter Side says

    I had so much fun using this product. I LOVE the vellum quality, how easy it is to write on, and how brightly-colored they are. They're just… fun. Let me know how you use yours!

  3. I guess Avery doesn't think Canadians use their sticky notes. 🙁

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