OK. So maybe you’re not old enough to have seen the film “The Jerk”.

Never fear! Iif you have any ramekins sitting about looking for their ‘special purpose’ (or just some quality, oven-proof dishes) and have a hankering for some quick, hearty and delicious Mexican food, I have the thing for you. Fun to present and great for single servings for kids (or portion control)

1.Take as many ramekins as you have people to feed.

2. Heat spiced taco beef (recipe here).

3. While beef is heating, chop some fresh cilantro and cabbage together and toss into each ramekin. Cabbage has a wonderful crunch, and helps provide a moisture barrier for the heating later.

4.Next, load each ramekin with spiced taco beef, pressing down with a spoon.

5. Top with the cheese of your choice. If you use grated, try to smooth evenly. If you use a pre-sliced cheese (such as provolone for a more mild flavor), cut to fit the opening of the ramekin and tuck the edges in gently.

6. In the microwave, heat the ramekins for 30-40 seconds each, or until cheese just melts.

7.If you want to use a convection oven, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until bubbly.

8. To prepare garnishes, I used a small condiment bowl for tomatoes, one for a spring mix (I shredded the lettuce), and a small bowl with sour cream or plain, high-fat yogurt.

Quick, easy, and oh so cheesy, a family can also enjoy this hearty meal whether it’s winter time or muy caliente!

You can also garnish with:

black olives
fresh cilantro
shredded cheese
black soy beans
cauliflower fried rice

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  1. jenna... says


    I went to a Mexican Food restaurant last night and had 2 chicken tacos, no shell, x-tra shredded lettuce and a side of guac.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ flour/corn tortilla shell. 😀

  2. Mexican food is my weakness! As is Italian and Chinese and, and lol

    My kitchen is a mess, where are those Merry Maids when you need them?

  3. Anonymous says

    Please tell me the colorful, attractively displayed servings of food are only for purposes of the blog; I’ve been known to eat out of plastic and styrofoam containers.


  4. Where’s the recipe for the taco beef? It’s not an active link.

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