In honor of 11-11-11, Eleven Brand New Recipes Tomorrow!

You’re saying, “Whut? Shut UP! Eleven dishes in one day? Are you coo-coo for Cocopuffs?”

No Cocopuffs here; we’re just coo-coo for cooking.

Here at YLS headquarters, we’ve been bringing the noms with decadent recipes and food porn for four years, and never at any cost to you. To celebrate the amazingness of you, the date, and this lifestyle, tomorrow I’m letting forth 11 brand new recipes.

You’re going to see an old favorite revamped, some Thanksgiving, crockpot, main dishes (as you see up there), salad, dip, appetizers, and more.

Don’t miss a thing!

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Are you ready to bring the bodaciousness? Are you prepared to nourish with noms? Are you ready?

I say, are you ready?  Bring a fork because I’m going to bring it!

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  1. I can't wait!

    You should listen to this song to prepare yourself!

  2. Sweet! Let's do it! C'mon Elmo… 😀

  3. chizKorn_Studio says

    I love your yummy post..

    SC Organic Farm

  4. Low Carb Daily says

    I can't wait for the new recipes… at the edge of my seat!

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