Cheese Chicken Dorito Chips

You knew it had to happen. When you turn me loose, caffeinated, in the kitchen, I’m going to chew sugar free bubble gum and kick recipe butt.

Well guess what: I’m all out of bubble gum.
These spicy, delicious chicken Dorito-type chips are perfect. Perfect for snacking, nachos, leftover turkey nacho chips, you name it!

What’s more, these little beauties are crispy, simple and fun: Only two ingredients and you’re golden. Literally (well, depending on cheese type you use).

Cheese Chicken Low Carb Dorito Chips

2 cups cooked, chopped chicken
2 cups shredded cheese (I use a Mexican blend)

1. Preheat oven to 425 degree Fahrenheit
2. Spray cookie sheet or use parchment paper.
3. Process chicken with cheese to form a thick, crumb-type consistency.
4. Press dough out into a rectangle, about 1/4″ thick.
5. Bake for 10 minutes or until top is golden.
6. Let cool slightly.
7. Run a spatula around the edges of the dough.
8. Using a pizza cutter, cut long ribbons, about 2″ wide in the dough.
9. Cut triangles in each strip.10. Season with your favorite popcorn seasoning (I used Nacho Cheese)
10. Let chips crisp up on a cooling rack.

Makes about 18 -24 chips.

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  1. This is genius! Cannot wait to try it.

  2. Your Lighter Side says

    Thank you so much, Carol! This recipe would also be pretty terrific with beef, turkey, and possibly even salmon!

  3. I am SO thrilled abou this. I can find all kinds of "dips", etc. to eat, but nothing to scoop with sometimes!
    How well do these store?

  4. Your Lighter Side says

    Mine have been around for a few days (in the fridge) and they're still yummy!

  5. Erica Gott, aka Erratica says

    1st batch came out yummy! I didn't have a food processor, so I 'pulled' the boiled chicken and used the finely shredded Mexican blend. They look like Triscuits, sort of.

    My friend's husband is excited about taking these on the truck. Thanks, Jamie.

    The 2nd try is coming out of the oven now. We bought an awesome food processor yesterday, so used Sharp cheddar. I made them too thin, and cooked too long. Kinda crispy and crumbly. Still yum, though.

  6. I'm fairly certain you are a brilliant food wizard!! Can't wait to try these. My experiments with "chips" have not been amazing

  7. Your Lighter Side says

    I think what makes these special is that there's not the usual amount of liquid standing in the way of firming these up. They're also more filling since they contain some added protein and fat. I've really loved these!

  8. I have a lot of dip recipes I want to make. When I post them on my blog, is it ok if I link to this recipe. Giving 150% credit where credit is due of course…

  9. Your Lighter Side says

    I'd be honored if you link to this recipe. Thanks for asking! I only ask that recipes that are from my site remain here since otherwise I have to compete with my own work in search engines. (When work leaves my site, my advertisers don't pay me, and I have bills)! lol

  10. Hi Jamie! Do you think I could used canned chicken for this? Thanks!

  11. I have been stalking for a while, but these are soooo delicious I just had to post. Thank you for your brilliance and sharing it with us.

    Mine were a little too thick, but delicious nonetheless!

  12. I made these last night but not sure if I made them too thick or what… I let them cool on a wire rack but they didn’t crisp up. I stuck them in the fridge overnight. Any ideas how I can make them crispy at this point?

    • Hi, Lisa! Do you live in a moist climate? That definitely can happen. If you have a dehydrator, the next step for not-crisp chips would be to pop the chips in for a couple of hours. If not, I would put the chips in the oven with the door slightly ajar (for air circulation) at 160 degrees F until they crisp up (like a dehydrator). They should crisp up for you then for sure! I live in a really dry climate. If I leave anything out on the counter, it looks like the Crypt Keeper the next day.

      • Thanks! I live in Kansas so no, not really a moist climate. I will try the dehydrator tonight (if there are any left). I’m the one whose husband eats all my chips when I’m gone… He has been out today so they should still be there. I made the zucchini version and they turned out much crispier.

        • Let me know how they turn out if you end up drying them!

          • Well, we ate a few of these for dinner with some salsa and I put the rest in the dehydrator. I kind of forgot about them and went to bed… This morning, they were much drier but still not what I would call crunchy or crispy. They were still “bendy”. (I know that’s not a word but, oh well!) I think they may be a little too thick and I may not have given them as much original cook time as they needed.

            I think I’ll stick with the zucchini variety for chips. Have you ever tried making them with yellow squash? I might try a yellow squash/zucchini combo and see how that turns out.

          • I haven’t tried yellow squash, but only because I’m not sure how sweet they might taste? I am so sorry your chips never crisped up! Mine do, but again, I’m in a climate that’s so arid, even the rocks need moisturizer.

  13. I really want to try these but I don’t use popcorn seasoning – I am wracking my brain for a substitute – any ideas??? You are brilliant btw!

  14. wow impressed!!! definitely trying this soon

  15. Hubby and I are so impressed with your site! Been low carbing off and on for a few years. With your site offering us so many new and yummy recipes I’m sure we will never look at this as a diet again! Tried the Doritos last night. They didn’t crisp up well, so I put several on a plate at a time and microwaved for 30 seconds. That did the trick wonderfully! So excited for guacamole!!


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