Turkey Taco Shells

Beef taquitos?
Chicken Doritos-type chips?
Now turkey taco shells?

Welcome to the future of your snacking, noshing, and all around food loving, o carnivores.

With Thanksgiving coming down the pike, why not put your leftovers to good use after the huge tryptophan-inducing event?

These tacos could even be playfully filled with ground turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce for a deconstructed Thanksgiving feast!

Turkey Taco Shells
2 cups cubed, cooked turkey
2 cups shredded cheese (I use a Mexican cheese blend)
1. Pulse turkey and cheese in food processor.
2. Preheat oven to 425.
3. Spray pan or use parchment paper to create nonstick surface.
4. Spread mixture to form 6 circles.
5. Bake 10 minutes.
6. Remove from oven.
7. Place over forms to cool.
8. Fill and enjoy.

Makes 6 taco shells.

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  1. Erica Gott, aka Erratica says

    OMG, this is a great idea! why didn't I think of this? Because you are the awesomist, Jamie. Thanks!

  2. Your Lighter Side says

    Why thank you, Miss Awesomeness! These would also make amazing taco bowls, too.

  3. I dont' know are brilliant or just crazy. Maybe a bit of both. Whatever made you think of using meat to make chips and taco shells? They looks amazing.

  4. Your Lighter Side says

    Hey there cutie! You know, for me it came down to wanting something even easier that I knew would crisp up even better.

    A lot of people out there don't like cauliflower and zucchini, so I needed to evolve with the needs of friends and family and come up with an easier solution.

    It was kind of an epiphany as I was sitting and looking at a brisket…

  5. Is that correct that there's no liquid in this recipe? I pulsed together my turkey and cheese and it's not "spreadable".. am I doing something wrong?

  6. Your Lighter Side says

    You'll be able to press it out like dough. It won't be liquid.

  7. Trying this now, but am having trouble keeping them together. What do you use as a form?

  8. Did you use an egg white to hold it together?

  9. I’m so happy i came across your web page…. love all the alternatives you have for no carbs foods.

  10. Just found your site. I have been carb free/sugar free since April 2011 and have dropped 5 pant sizes so far. These taco shells are brilliant!!! I have been just having taco meat on a salad on taco nights…now I can join the rest of the family. Thank you…I can’t wait to explore other recipes on your site.

  11. Psakura13 says

    I used precooked turkey, mexican cheese blend with italian cheese blend…it is what I had left and a little bit of egg…my ninja was bot liking te hard work I was putting it through. I am making them more like a tostada. Can’t wait to eat them!

  12. What do you use to form ?

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