Happy New Rear!

That’s right. Happy New Rear.

Why “rear” instead of year? Because all we care about is leaving our behind in the past come January 1. You can do that, too.

Whether your goals are for happiness, a better job, to be loved, to have better fingernails, to stop smoking, to stop drinking, to stop gambling, or to save 15% or more on your car insurance, there’s something you want to leave behind in terms of lifestyle choices. If you want to lose weight, you’re trying to leave your behind behind.

My Year
This year has been an amazing journey. I didn’t have weight loss successes, so to speak, but I didn’t go in the wrong direction either. I learned a spankload, made some mistakes and learned and had epiphanies every step of the way. I know that I’ll be able to take what did (and didn’t) work for make in 2011 and make that bitch obey in 2012.

We’re Number One!
I want to thank the hell out of everyone who has so diligently worked to help make Your Lighter Side #1 in the Babble.com voting poll. Voting ends soon, so please continue to vote to make sure we stay there! You only have to click the “thumbs up.” No registration needed. Vote here Thank you Jimmy, Grizelda, Anne, everyone. EVERYONE.

For 2012
On the horizon: More stories, more recipes, and more friendships. Getting to know you more through the challenges, through the Facebook page, on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest has been an absolutel freaking blast. I can’t imagine spending my time any other way than with all of you. So much so, I don’t publish here as often as I should (bad, Jamie!). My husband even told me, “Did you blog that?” and I’m like, “I posted it to Facebook.” And then he gives me that look.

Want to keep in touch?
Facebook Page: 8500 members strong. You’re most likely to find me here
Facebook Private Group A small, private setting. All are invited to come chat, cuss and share food porn
Twitter I don’t post to the Tweeter much, but I do try to check in weekly
Tumblr My blog away from blog
Pinterest Eye candy and food porn

Most of all, this is what I want for you in 2012, is to, every day:
1. Say one nice thing about yourself.
2. Write down one thing you’re thankful for.
3. Do something that strengthens you.
4. Do something that challenges you.
5. Do something that entertains you.
6. Have one good laugh every day.
7. Say something nice to someone else.
8. Indulge in something a little bit trashy (guilty pleasure).
9. At the end of the day go to bed knowing you did your best.
10. Be good to you. In the words of Ru Paul, ““If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Come on, 2012! We’re so over 2011…

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  1. I miss you when you don't blog, Jamie! FB is overwhelming, but visiting your blog is like reading a letter from a very funny friend.

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