Macy's Winner! (Fan Share Closed)

Whoopsie! I didn’t report back as quickly as I meant to… I will spare you the requisite sob stories.

That said, I was a good girl: I drew a name the date of the contest ending, contacted the winner and then immediately deleted everyone’s emails (after I grabbed some of your awesome “I’m thankful for” moments).

I never ever ever ever ever peeked at your addresses or information. I don’t even remember my phone number.

Hello? Geico Lizard? Do you know my number? Are you my Mother? One word if the Geico lizard is me mum: Moisturizer.

Congratulations to…. ba da da bum bum baaaahhhhhhhh! Krista!

Your incredibly sexy Macy’s roaster (all 23 pounds of stainless steel pictured above) should be arriving soon! You could probably sled in that thing. If you do, send photos.

Thank you, everyone, for entering, and thank you to Macy’s for your generosity! I loved this giveaway so much I could kiss it with my mouth (none of that funny butterfly eyelash kissy stuff).

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