Voting ends in 7 days: Please vote for me a million times!

I get really excited because I have such an amazing audience (that’s you) and friend base (that’s still you), and it’s so neat to be able to be honored as a Mom Food blogger because of everyone (still you). I am so lucky (now that’s me).

For four years it has been a blast talking to you about everything, from falling in a hole and spraining my ankles, to coming up with some of the craziest recipes you never thought you’d try, let alone like.

Now I need a favor… Your vote! Your friends’ votes. Your uncle’s votes (OK, maybe not the creepy one). The more votes, the better. How often is a lower carbohydrate lifestyle represented on a major site like Babble? Almost never. It’s so important to take this opportunity and spread the word! The world needs more BACON! It really does.

Voting for me is really easy! Just go to this site and vote.

You don’t have to register.

You don’t have to give an email.

It literally takes a couple of seconds.

Just click the little thumbs up to spread the message of food, fun and family (whether they wear pants or not).

See the narwhal in the picture? He asks you to vote for me, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with those other amazing sites…

Still, I ask you.

Do they have narwhals?

No. No they do not.

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  1. delurking to say Ill vote!



  2. Your Lighter Side says

    Thank you so much for your support, MizFit! I don't normally beg. Well, not publicly.

  3. Narwhal commands. I obey

  4. ColleenGFF says

    Pssst! I voted for you too!

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